Show 22, March 23, 2013: Brock Radke, Food & Web Editor of Las Vegas Weekly

Brock Radke of Las Vegas WeeklyA few weeks ago Brock wrote a piece for Las Vegas Weekly’s Web site on the 20 most important restaurants in Las Vegas. That generated such an enormous reaction that Brock’s Editor asked him to revise the piece and rank the “Top 20” in his order of his preference. The cover story for the March 14th issue was “The 20 Most Important Restaurants in Las Vegas: Brock Radke ranks the landmarks and upstarts defining how we eat right now.” There is also a fascinating sidebar where Brock interviews the chefs and restaurateurs who made the Top 20 and gets their pick for most important restaurant.

The Top 5 in order are L’Altelier de Joel Robuchon, Raku, Picasso, Lotus of Siam and a tie between Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon for the 5th position. It’s significant to note that two of the Top 5 choices are off Strip locations outside of luxury hotels.

Show 19, March 2, 2013: Brock Radke, Food and Web Editor for Las Vegas Weekly

Brock Radke of Las Vegas WeeklyInspired by Bon Appetit’s newly announced 20 Most Important Restaurants in America, Brock compiled his own list for Las Vegas. He joined us to discuss his picks.

The listing was originally prepared for the online version of Las Vegas Weekly. The piece proved so popular that Brock has freshened the article and added restaurant rankings in order of 1 to 20. This will appear in a future issue and we’ll have Brock back to speak about it.

His pick for classic Las Vegas fine-dining is Picasso at The Bellagio opened with the property back in 1998. Founding chef Julian Serrano remains at the helm and the room is decorated with authentic Picassos. An only in Las Vegas experience…