Show 399, November 14, 2020: Drew Brahs of Harper Barbecue in Costa Mesa

Drew Brahs of Harper BarbecueDrew Brahs of Harper Barbecue (Costa Mesa based) is well-known in the West as the go-to builder (via word-if-mouth and Instagram) of hand-crafted, custom smokers for skilled pitmasters and backyard barbecue fans alike. He crafts everything from small backyard pits to large versions on trailers. Drew is responsible for creating the twin, 1,000 gallon smokers offset smokers used at Danny Castillo’s Heritage Barbecue in San Juan Capistrano.

Drew is a fan of the Central Texas style of barbecue. In the early stages of development and construction is his long-in-the works restaurant, Harper Barbecue, in Costa Mesa which will be a Family affair. While the restaurant is being built Drew will shift the smoker enterprise to selling stock items. Website coming soon…

We’ll meet barbecue entrepreneur Drew Brahs.


Show 225, May 27, 2017: Matt Moore, “The Quintessential Southern Cook” and author of The South’s Best Butts – Pitmaster Secrets

Matt MooreIt’s time for barbecue. The South’s Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection by Matt Moore (the quintessential Southern cook) will delight home cooks with the long kept secrets behind some of America’s greatest ‘cue. He is also the author of the well-received, A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen.

Using the almighty pork butt – long considered to be one of the South’s most revered cuts – as his cornerstone, Matt leaves no pits, ovens, grills, or smokers unturned, as he interviews the famous and not-so-famous pitmasters of America’s Southern barbecue region for the techniques and recipes that have made their barbecue some of the most sought after from Texas to Tennessee.

The Smokehouse Stories and Recipes section alone from 12 pitmasters throughout the South is worth buying the book for. For instance, The husband and wife team (Cody & Jiyeon) at Atlanta’s incredibly popular Heirloom Market BBQ (housed in just 720 square feet) creates traffic jams on the surrounding streets for their Korean accented ‘cue !

While pork butt is the star here (according to Matt, “True Southern BBQ has one and only one common denominator : pig.”) , the book includes almost every rub, sauce, and grilling technique for the sought after cut. The South’s Best Butt’s also features everything from Smoked Turkey Sandwiches to Pork Belly Tonkatsu Ramen to Fried Banana Pudding and all of the starters, sides, and desserts in between within its 150 plus recipes.

The son of a cattleman and a grandson of a butcher, Matt Moore is the quintessential Southern cook.

Matt joins us.