Show 354, January 4, 2020: Frank Buono, Buono’s Pizzeria Cucina Italiana, San Pedro & Long Beach Part One

Frank Buono of Buono''s P{izzeria in Long BeachBuono’s Pizzeria Cucina Italiana is a proudly family owned Italian pizzeria with three locations in the San Pedro and Long Beach areas. Buono’s prides itself on offering authentic Italian fare like hand-kneaded pizza dough made fresh daily to homemade sausages and sauces, all served up with warm hospitality and great service. Open for lunch and dinner, craft beer and wine complement the menu.

After 54 years the original San Pedro Bruno’s Market & Deli (the predecessor to Buono’s Pizzeria) relocated late last year to a new, modern expanded space in San Pedro’s Little Italy at 222 W. 6th Street.

“While the paint may be fresh and the décor contemporary, Buono’s Pizzeria in San Pedro’s Little Italy will remain true to its origins. The scratch kitchen will continue to prepare authentic Italian pizza coupled with fresh pasta and zesty sauces. What will be new is the addition of wine and beer, an amenity not available at the original Buono’s Pizzeria.”

“The Little Italy location spans nearly 3,000 square-feet and boasts alfresco dining available with an expansive wraparound patio. The exhibition kitchen reveals a display of culinary excellence with a gas-fired brick oven as well as an 800-degree oven where Neapolitan-style pizzas bake for a quick 90 seconds.”

Their value-packed Lunch Special on Weekdays is an incredible deal. It’s “A Trip to Italy Lunch Buffet” including an ample salad bar, four gourmet pasta selections, Buono Family recipe minestrone soup and an assortment of by-the-slice pizzas (and more) for $9.99. The bonus is it’s all you can enjoy.

The Buono Family’s managing partner, Frank Buono, simmers the meat sauce for us. Frank is a 3rd generation restaurateur.



Show 354, January 4, 2020: Frank Buono, Buono’s Pizzeria Cucina Italiana, San Pedro & Long Beach Part Two

Frank Buono of Buono''s P{izzeria in Long BeachBuono’s Pizzeria Cucina Italiana is a proudly family owned Italian pizzeria with three locations in the San Pedro and Long Beach areas. Buono’s prides itself on offering authentic Italian fare like hand-kneaded pizza dough made fresh daily to homemade sausages and sauces, all served up with warm hospitality and great service. Open for lunch and dinner, craft beer and wine complement the menu.

The flagship Buono’s Pizzeria in San Pedro just relocated to San Pedro’s Little Italy (222 W. 6th Street) in an expanded, and modern, restaurant space on a visible corner with patio seating and a craft beer & wine bar.

“We (Buono Family) consider our family history an essential ingredient in our tasty menu at all three of our restaurants. Those who have already dined at any of them know how vital that legacy is to the Buono Family.”

“In 1965 Francesco and Teresa Buono opened Buono’s Market & Deli in San Pedro which became famous for their Torpedo Sandwiches, House-Made Italian Sausage, and Nonna Teresa’s Meat Sauce. In 1967 their son, Nicolaniello came from Italy and joined them here carrying a small suitcase also filled with huge hopes and dreams. And he, too, made those dreams come true when in 1973 he transformed the market and deli into the original Buono’s Pizzeria.”

Today his wife Antonia and their four children, Frank, George, Oreste and Teresa, continue to share their love of Italy and its cuisine by offering a menu that beautifully reflects the Buono Family roots. Those who are discovering this treasure for the first time are in for a wonderous experience, highlighted by Buono Family memories dating back more than half a century. Those who have joined us before eagerly anticipate what they know is a delicious meal to come!”

We continue to hand-knead the fresh pizza dough and simmer Grandma Teresa’s meat sauce with principal Frank Buono.



Show 353, December 28, 2019: Brewmaster Victor Novak and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres, Golden Road Brewing Part Two

Steven Torres and Victor Novak at the KLAA StudiosContinuing another effervescent installment of “Ask the Brewers” where we answer listeners’ intriguing questions about craft beer. Joining us is Golden Road’s uber-accomplished Brewmaster, Victor Novak, and Anaheim Head Brewer Steven Torres.

Golden Road Pub Huntington Beach at Peter’s Landing is now tapping the draft craft kegs and serving food. From-scratch pizza is on the new menu here including vegetarian and Vegan options.


Show 332, July 13, 2019: Chef Davide Cerretini, Botto Bistro, Richmond, CA, -“The One-Star Chef”

Chef Davide CerretiniChef Davide Cerretini is the Chef / Co-Proprietor of the modest (10 tables) Botto Bistro in Richmond, CA. In 2014 he discontinued a modest advertising effort on Yelp that clearly wasn’t bringing in new business and things suddenly turned highly negative on his Yelp page. Curious… Meanwhile the hugely aggressive sales staff at Yelp was relentless in pursuing him to resume advertising.

This is all engagingly explained by Chef Davide in the new documentary on Yelp, “Billion Dollar Bully.” Chef Davide details the unlikely story of how he eventually creatively turned the tables on Yelp.…As the “One Star Chef” business at Botto Bistro actually couldn’t be better…

“For five long years, we have refused service to their supporters (Yelp), mocked their users and made profit out of their arrogance, using their forum as we please without their permission. All while having a blast.”

“We made the world laugh at them, a small Italian restaurant sticking it to what they thought was the god of the online review sites. But we have no gods to worship here, just pizza and a bad Italian attitude. After all, it was not such a great idea try to extort the Italians and now they know.” – Chef Davide Cerretini


Show 330, June 29, 2019: Love & Salt with Proprietress Sylvie Gabriele

Sylvie Gabriele of Love and SaltLove and Salt is a restaurant story that begins with Cafe Pierre, a local classic restaurant birthed by Guy Gabriele in 1977 to bring a taste of France to Los Angeles’ South Bay. While Cafe Pierre was a beloved part of the community for nearly 37 years, in 2014, Guy and his daughter Sylvie Gabriele, now the owner of Love & Salt, closed the restaurant to bring new life to the iconic space with a revitalized look and Italian flair. As of last year a creative new chef (Chris Feldmeier ex- Moruno) is lighting the fire in the busy kitchen.

Think a Spring Peas & Squash Blossoms pizza from the wood-burning oven. It’s Tutti Frutti English peas, Shingai Farms squash blossoms, Meyer lemon and ricotta.

“Love & Salt is a philosophy: that food needs only two ingredients to be great. It’s a sensibility that informs the feeling in the restaurant and the dishes on the menu — Italian-inspired with Southern California soul. An approachable wine list and classic cocktail program similarly reflect the vibrant SoCal setting of the restaurant, located just steps from the Manhattan Beach Pier.”

“Love & Salt’s rustic menu is prepared simply with produce from local farms, and composed to encourage a fun and social meal with friends and family.”

We’ll get a tasty update from Proprietress Sylvie Gabriele.


Show 316, March 23, 2019: Marvin Acuna, The Pizza Plant, Pasadena

Marvin AcunaPasadena’s The Pizza Plant (under a year old) is a 100 percent plant-based producer of a variety of artisanal pan style and thin crust pizzas. They operate the first custom made, 100 percent organic, plant-based pizza truck in the United States. Also, a brick-and-mortar, fast casual restaurant in an unusual virtual food court (Kitchen United.) “Life is Delicious.”

The Founder lives a plant-based nutritional life and established the enterprise because he found that a delicious, nutrient dense, made-from-scratch, organic pizza made exclusively from plants did not exist.

The Pizza Plant crusts are made-from- scratch using 100 percent organic ingredients which includes a proprietary blend of rye flour and double zero flour. The dough is fermented for 72 hours which makes it easier to digest and more nutrient rich than traditional pizza crusts.

The Pizza Plant cheeses are made-from-scratch using 100 percent organic ingredients, which includes cashew nut, their from-scratch coconut yogurt, spices and seasoning. No soy is used in making The Pizza Plant cheeses.

The Green Goddess pizza, for instance, is Roasted Broccoli, Pumpkin Seed Pesto, Plant Craft Cashew & Mozzarella & Ricotta, Avocado, Sprouts and Basil.

For the upcoming Masters of Taste Benefit on Sunday afternoon, April 7th at the Rose Bowl, The Pizza Plant will be serving their Green Goddess and The Sink Not Included creations.

Rolling the from-scratch dough out for us is Co-Founder, Marvin Acuna.


Show 311, February 16, 2019: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group – “Ask the Chef”

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at the Fifth Anniversary of the SoCal Restaurant ShowCo-Host Chef Andrew Gruel joins us from the road with another informative segment of “Ask the Chef.” It’s of considerable value to have a real, working chef in our radio kitchen!

We missed talking with Chef Andrew about pizza last Saturday to commemorate (that all-important Holiday) National Pizza Day. Having grown up in Jersey, Chef Andrew knows his way around a worthy pie. We’re grabbling the perfect slice this week, instead!


Show 309, February 2, 2019: El Segundo Brewing Co’s Rob Croxall and Thomas Kelley

Rob Croxall and Thomas KelleyWe’ve been enthusiastically following the El Segundo Brewing Co. in El Segundo since the beginning, and this year they will be celebrating their 8th Anniversary. A wonderful entrepreneurial success story. The craft beer from “Mayberry by the Sea” is now available all over California and also in Portland, Oregon.

They were one of the first craft breweries in the South Bay and are particularly known for their award-winning, hop-centric brews. Just opened a short walk from the brewery (and around the corner on Grand Avenue) is the family-friendly, ESBC The Slice and Pint.

It’s 18” hand-tossed or 8” x 12” pan pizza. Available by the slice, too. Also meatballs, baked garlic knots, wings, Calamari strips and salads. On opening night 170 hand-tossed pizzas were prepared, baked and served.

Expect a wide selection of 12 rotating ESBC’s styles available on tap.

“The Slice & Pint is locally focused and environmentally responsible. We partner with vendors who share the same values. We support local, independent farmers for our produce whenever possible. If we can make it in-house, we’re going to do that…simple as that.”

Proprietors Rob Croxall and Thomas Kelley tap the keg for us.


Show 305, January 5, 2019: Adam Bell, “SoCal Restaurant Show’s” Social Media and Website Guru on “New York Eats”

Adam BellAdam Bell is one of the talented people at-work behind- the-scenes on the “SoCal Restaurant Show.” Since the beginning of the show over six years ago he developed and maintains the Website in addition to ably handling the Social Media.

He’s also a card-carrying foodie with a particular passion for pizza, craft beer, BBQ, ethnic street food and coffee. Adam has just returned from an intense week in New York doing a deep dive into the food scene. We’ll discuss and highlight his best discoveries on this expedition. In the first installment of Adam’s musings it’s Union Square Hospitality Group’s Daily Provisions and NYC pizza finds.


Show 299, November 24, 2018: Restaurateurs Chef Ori Menashe and Pastry Chef Genevieve Gergis, Bestia – Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A.

Executive Chef Ori Menashe and Pastry Chef Genevieve Gergis of BestiaThe Proprietors of the phenomenally popular Bestia and the newly opened Bavel, Chef Ori Menashe and Pastry Chef Genevieve Gergis, are no strangers to the show. Just in time for the Holidays their debut cookbook, Bestia – Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A., is now available.

This debut cookbook from L.A.’s phenomenally popular Bestia restaurant features rustic Italian food that is driven by intense flavors, including house-made charcuterie, pizza and pasta from scratch, and innovative desserts inspired by home-baked classics.

Since opening in downtown Los Angeles in 2012, Bestia has captivated diners with its bold, satisfying, and flavor-forward food served in a festive, communal atmosphere. Now, in this accessible and immersive debut cookbook, all of the incredible dishes that have made Bestia one of the most talked-about restaurants in the country are on full display.

Irresistible desserts such as apple cider donuts and a chocolate budino tart, from Co-owner and pastry chef Genevieve Gergis, end the concert of flavors on a high note.

Ori and Genevieve also share the uphill story of the saga of realizing Bestia. If you think it’s easy to open a restaurant in an unfashionable neighborhood (at the time) you might want to reconsider. Also profiled are the key team members that keep Bestia at the top of its game.

Bestia – Italian Recipes Created in the Heart of L.A. delivers a distinctively innovative approach to Italian-inspired cooking.

Proprietors Ori and Genevieve join us.