Show 485, July 30, 2022: The Gas Co’s Energy Resource Center in Downey Reopens

Carmen Oliver of the Gas Company

The Gas Co’s Energy Resource Center in Downey had reopened. Chef and restaurateurs are welcome to view and try a myriad of state-of-the-art and energy efficient restaurant kitchen equipment on display there. Rebates are available for qualified energy efficient natural gas equipment. There are also a host of informative, in-person seminars on the schedule.

The Gas Co’s Gina Christian and Carmen Oliver are our guests providing all the details.


Show 447, October 16, 2021: SoCal Gas’ Energy Resource Center with Gina Christian and Carmen Oliver

Gina Christian of SoCal Gas

The Gas Co is again providing a number of genuinely useful services to Chefs and Restaurateurs as the recovery continues. The Energy Resource Center in Downey offers small group demonstrations, equipment testing and tours. The Gas Co features their “Try Before You Buy” program out of the Energy Resource Center. Their Commercial Service Techs provide maintenance tips and repair services to restaurant operators (typically at no charge.) The Gas Co. offers outreach to restaurant and foodservice operators to receive rebates on qualified gas equipment purchases.

Representing SoCal Gas with an informative overview of all of this is Gina Christian, Foodservice Technical Specialist and Vendor Outreach, and Carmen Oliver, Customer Programs Advisor II.