Show 5: November 10, 2012: Amanda Freitag Celebrity Chef and Food Network Personality

Chef Freitag is probably best known outside of New York as one of the core celebrity judges on Food Network’s hit series, “Chopped.” You can also currently see her Sunday nights as one of the battling chefs on Food Network’s “Next Iron Chef: Redemption.

Amanda takes us behind-the-scenes to explain how an episode of “Chopped” is put together. Each episode takes 12 to 14 hours to shoot on the production set ! It’s a lot more involved than it may appear to the home viewer. The judges (who take their roles very seriously) have spirited discussions about what dish should be chopped in each segment!


Show 5: November 10, 2012: Executive Chef Eric Greenspan Part One

Chef Eric first previewed his upcoming grilled cheese sandwich emporium, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese which will be located next door to his Melrose flagship. Chef Eric has serious credentials in the art of grilled cheese sandwich making. In 2008 he won top honors at L.A.’s well-known Grilled Cheese Invitational, a serious competition.

Next Eric gave the background of why he was willing to return to competition in Food Network’s “Next Iron Chef: Redemption” and how Episode 1 was not exactly as promised. Did we say grasshoppers…?


Show 5: November 10, 2012: Executive Chef Eric Greenspan Part Two

Eric recapped the showdown at the end of Episode 1 of “Next Iron Chef: Redemption” leading to the eventual exit of Chef Tim Love, a highly successful restaurateur/chef from Fort Worth, Texas. It’s theater…

Chef Greenspan then talked about the new menu and the French co-chef at his Roof on Wilshire.