Show 192, October 9, 2016: John Terlato, Vice Chairman, Terlato Wine Group

John TerlatoJohn Terlato of Terlato Wines is a distinguished California vintner and well-known wine entrepreneur. He will share with us his recent adventures in Burgundy, France. It’s a great travel destination for any fan of the wine grape!

“You might imagine that if one were to have the good fortune of purchasing a vineyard in California, it would not typically spark interest in a place more than 5,000 away.”

“Here is why I felt the need to visit Burgundy. Sanford Winery is home to the oldest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines in the Santa Barbara area, dating to 1972. It also possesses a magical and unique confluence of climate and soil conditions – remarkably like those of Burgundy. And once our family owned Sanford, I wanted to more deeply understand Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the two iconic varieties of Bourgogne.” – John Terlato

“So what did I learn from all of this? First, it all starts with the soil and farming. Great wines are born from a unique combination of soil, microclimate, and attention to detail in farming. It is this unique confluence that causes great wines to be unique. Nor better…unique.”



Show 159, February 13, 2016: John Terlato, Vice Chairman, Terlato Wine Group

John TerlatoThe proudly Family-owned Terlato Wine Group is a holding company for several independent businesses specializing in the marketing and production of exceptional wines. They are probably best known for pioneering the popularity of Pinot Grigio in the United States.

Representing the 2nd generation of Family ownership is John Terlato, our guest. John will soon be in Southern California for the Santa Barbara Wine Auction. Sanford Winery (a Terlato property) is represented in the festivities.

The Santa Barbara Wine Auction benefits Direct Relief. It’s held at the exclusive Bacara Resort & Spa on Saturday March 12, 2016. It’s an evening of fine wines, delectable foods, and an auction with lifestyle experiences and rare library wine lots.

Winemaker (and Botanist) Michael Benedict, the co-founder of Sanford Winery, is going to be honored with the Pioneer Award. He was one of the first experts to conclude that this region could support the cultivation of premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

John has also been in the vineyards working with some specialists from Italy on innovative pruning techniques that result in incredible vines producing amazing quality fruit. This pruning is already being done at Sanford, Chimney Rock and for all the Terlato family’s Napa Valley vineyards. We’ll learn about this.