Show 533, July 8, 2023: Aquaculture Stewardship Council with Athena Davis, Marketing Director, North America

Athena Davis of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council

“Aquaculture, the practice of raising fish, shellfish and seaweed, shares many qualities with modern agriculture. Although if offers a lower carbon footprint than other farmed proteins and great potential to deliver high quality, nutritious seafood to our growing population, it must be done responsibly.”

“That’s where the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) comes in. Since 2010 ASC’s sea green certification label means your seafood was raised according to the world’s strictest standards for responsible aquaculture, including care for people, fish and the environment.”

“Today, more than half of all seafood consumed in the U.S. is raised via aquaculture, also known as seafood farming. The industry has made incredible strides over the last few decades, but not all seafood farms are equal and neither are the certifications. ASC is the only certification that can verify your farmed seafood is what it claims to be, where it came from, how it was responsibly raised and how it got to you.”

Athena Davis, ASC’s Marketing Director for North America, joins us with the 411 on ASC certification.

Show 85, August 23, 2014: Chef Michael Knowles, Black & Blue Steakhouse, Valley View Casino

Michael Knowles of Black and Blue SteakhouseThe show was live on Saturday morning from The Valley View Casino. The fine dining restaurant there is Black & Blue – The Place For Steak.

We met Chef de Cuisine Michael Knowles.He started cooking at age 14! Chef Michael cooked at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio in San Francisco in the 90s. He has elevated Black & Blue to an award-winning California steakhouse that’s true destination dining for discerning San Diego residents.

All of his pastas are made in-house along with some of the cheese, including the mozzarella. There is a fresh pasta selection each night.

He uses as many local suppliers as possible. His beef purveyor is San Diego’s Brandt Beef. Seafood is from family-owned Santa Monica Seafood (celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year.) Local produce comes from Crows Pass Farm in Temecula and the legendary Chino Farms in addition to other small farmers.

Chef Michael’s “Signature Indulgence” on the Black & Blue menu is “The Ultimate Surf & Turf” for a reasonable $75.00. That’s a meal…It’s also part of a betting challenge where you might get your dinner for free or at a reduced price. It’s interactive and all in good fun…

How about Lobster Creamed Spinach as a premium side with lots of tender bites of lobster?

Show 24, April 6, 2013: Chef Scott Leibfried, Gordon Ramsay’s sous chef on Fox TV’s “Hell’s Kitchen” for the past 10 years. Executive Chef of Arch Rock Fish is Santa Barbara

Scott Leibfried of Hells Kitchen and Arch Rock GrillChef Scott landed in Los Angeles in 1999. Before “Hell’s Kitchen” his most notable local credit was as Executive Chef at Napa Valley Grille in Westwood Village.

During his time with “Hell’s Kitchen” he also was the Culinary Advisor for Santa Monica Seafood on their ambitious new retail store, fresh seafood café and oyster bar on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica which opened in 2009.