Show 228, June 17, 2017: Chef de Cuisine Amy Deaderick, Tavern, Brentwood

Amy DeaderickThe Tavern’s (Brentwood) Annual Low Country Boil is cooking on Sunday, June 25th. The night (and menu) is inspired by Chef de Cuisine Amy Deaderick’s childhood in South Carolina.

On that Sunday at TAVERN, Suzanne Goin, Caroline Styne and Chef de Cuisine Amy Deaderick reprise their Low Country Boil – a wonderful regional tradition from the Coastal areas of the Carolinas. Developed from the Gullah Islands off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, the meal was created from food that was easily accessible and a treasured way for families and neighbors to bond.

This this one-pot celebration of seafood bounty and local food culture features crawfish, Andouille sausage, potatoes and sweet corn, all served on newspaper at the center of the table, as is the local tradition.

Deaderick’s father regularly went out ‘shrimpin,’ bringing home pounds of shrimp to go with the piles of blue crabs the rest of the family dug out from the coastal marshlands. “My dad prepared the crab boil base and was painstakingly particular about the order of things. He was the only one allowed to touch the stock pot and to season the crab boil,” recalls Deaderick. “As the sky darkened, the back porch light would light up, the universal signal for all children to high tail it home. When we arrived home, we found newspapers carefully laid out on a plywood table top with sawhorse legs, and we waited, impatiently, for the boil to be done.”

“Once it was ready, the boil was poured onto the newspapers and we devoured our daily catch. It was the most satisfying feast our hungry bellies could imagine.”

We’ll meet Chef Amy.

Show 227, June 10, 2017: Chef Ronnel Capacia, Journey’s End at Pechanga

Ronnel Capacia at the Chili CookoffRegular listeners of the “SoCal Restaurant Show” know Chef Ronnel Capacia as the master of the grill, smoker and pizza oven at Kelsey’s – Great Food & Drinks.

He’s just been promoted to Chef at Journey’s End at Pechanga, the stylish restaurant with incredible views located in the handsome clubhouse of the Journey golf course.

Special Father’s Day Brunch there on June 18th at $39 for Adults and $21 for Children. Everything from a Live Egg & Omelet Station to a Seafood Bar and Carved Roasted Prime Rib station. Also. a Louisiana-Style Seafood Boil.

Chef Ronnel is always a serious competitor (and one to watch) in the annual Pechanga Chili Cook-off.

We’ll get Chef Ronnel off the links for a chat.