Show 277, June 16, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at Cabana 14 at the Cove at Pechanga Resort and CasinoChef Andrew Gruel, the founder of The Slapfish Restaurant Group, joins us with another installment of Ask the Chef.”

Swordfish is on a lot of restaurant menus. It’s a big one…When harvested it typically weighs some 200 to 600 pounds but can grow much larger. It’s mild flavor and firm texture makes it a very popular fish. Chef Andrew provides more insight into the possibilities with swordfish.


Show 267, March 31, 2018: Jacqueline Claudia, Co-Founder, Love The Wild, Boulder, CO

Jacqueline ClaudiaLove The Wild is an innovative sustainable seafood company that produces an appealing line of tasty fish entrees for the home table. Coming this Summer is their new line of microwaveable seafood bowls including the Baja Style Fish Taco Bowl with Barramundi. They were a discovery at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. The Seafood Bowls were awarded the coveted NEXTY at the Expo for “Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product.”

“We are passionate about, and have put our efforts toward protecting and providing fantastic fish. More specifically, we want to change the way people eat one of the most efficient, healthy proteins in the world.”

“The seriousness of overfishing, pollution, and acidification of our oceans is well documented and incredibly frightening. So the question then is: How do we save our oceans and fish, while at the same time make sure people still continue to eat fish? Our answer: help preserve our wild fish stocks by not depleting (overfishing) them all. We are doing that by supporting our awesome friends who are doing amazing things with aquaculture, and utilizing their fantastic farmed fish to create the most mind-blowing fish dishes you’ll find in stores.”

“These dishes can’t suck though. Frozen fish is generally thought of as gross, and cooking fish is perceived as difficult. And we’re changing those perceptions. With a culinary taste-first approach we have created the perfect equation. World-class aquacultured fish + mouth-watering delicious sauce + your dinner table = pure culinary bliss.”

“We believe the world “wild” means many things, from protecting and respecting our wild fish populations, to creating wildly delicious sauces, to pursuing a wildly adventurous lifestyle. Most people equate the words “wild fish” to “sustainable” or “higher quality”. Without question, wild fish can be sustainable in limited quantities, in ideal conditions. Without question, farmed fish can be higher quality and even more sustainable. Our passion is to prove that to the world. That is why we built this company.”

The fish entrees are available in Southern California most easily at Whole Foods Markets.

We’re reeling in Founder, Jacqueline Claudia.


Show 267, March 31, 2018: Brendon Salisbury, 4th Generation Restaurateur, Coast Fish Co., Irvine

Brendon SalisburyCoast Fish Company is the relatively new brand and concept from the same family of restaurants (family owned and operated for 94 years) as El Cholo and The Cannery in Newport Beach. The fast-casual Coast located in the Los Olivos Marketplace in the Irvine Spectrum brings the best premium seafood from both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts to Orange County. The Salisburys’ prefer to brand it “fine casual.”

What’s a bit unusual is that the taco or entrée choices comes with the guest’s selection of fish. Seasonal options include Ahi Tuna, Barramundi, Catfish, Halibut, Mahi Mahi, Salmon, Swordfish, and Tilapia.

Sides include the expected chips & salsa and avocado but also feature mushroom risotto.

Happy Hour is new on the menu with $1.50 beers and half-price appetizers.

4th Generation restaurateur Brendon Salisbury is our guest.


Show 266, March 24, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel’s “Ask the Chef”

Andrew and William GruelOur always informed Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, continues with his Ask the Chef series. We all appreciate Salmon and wild caught Chinook Salmon from California is available locally during the commercial fishing season. The season is going to be reduced this year due to a disappointing fall run. There are unfortunate economic consequences for commercial fisherman.

The shortfalls even extend to Alaska, too. Last year the Pink Salmon runs there were disastrously off.

Chef Andrew reels the specifics in for us.


Show 265, March 17, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel’s “Ask the Chef”

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at the Fifth Anniversary of the SoCal Restaurant ShowOur always informed Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, encores with his Ask the Chef series. Tilapia is one of those better-for-you fish that just doesn’t get enough deserved respect or visibility. It’s slowly changing. Tilapia can be successfully farm-raised in a healthy, pristine environment.

Tilapia is mild tasting and versatile for use in a lot of satisfying recipes. The fish is also hugely affordable. Chef Andrew reels the specifics in for us.

Need inspiration? Pasted below is the link to Chef Andrew preparing a crave-worthy Citrus Poached Tilapia BLT Sandwich. This was a segment for The Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family.”


Show 262, February 24, 2018: Chef Andrew Gruel’s “Ask the Chef”

Andrew Gruel and his son WilliamOur always informed Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, encores with his Ask the Chef series. Ceviche and Poke are on a lot of restaurant menus these days. There is also a flood of Poke shops opening all over. How do they maintain consistent quality? The fish used needs to be super fresh. It’s the 411 on both Poke and Ceviche.

Chef Andrew weighs in.


Show 259, February 3, 2018: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andrew Gruel at the AM830 KLAA StudiosOur always informed Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, encores with his Ask the Chef series. Don’t be scared about the possibilities of cooking a whole fish. It’s all about the flavor. There is an abundance of flavor locked in the skin and bone. Think of the fish body as the cooking vessel.

Chef Andrew shares the basic secrets of creating the magic.


Show 258, January 27, 2018: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish Restaurant Group

Andrew and William GruelOur always informed Co-Host, Chef Andrew Gruel, returns with his “Ask the Chef” responding to listeners’ inquiries.

Chilean Sea Bass (actually Antarctic toothfish or Patagonian toothfish) is back on restaurant menus. Only a few years ago diners were asked to not order it due to illegal overfishing. Is this desirable fish a good choice now? Chef Andrew explains there is still some haziness here when it comes to sourcing…


Show 251, December 9, 2017: Celebrity Chef Rick Moonen, RM Seafood & Rx Boiler Room, Las Vegas

Rick Moonen of rm seafood in Las VegasRick Moonen is one of the very few celebrity chefs with high profile restaurants in Las Vegas who actually lives in Fabulous Las Vegas. His two restaurants in The Shoppes at Mandalay Place are RM Seafood and Rx Boiler Room.

Since opening RM Seafood at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place in 2005, Master Chef Rick Moonen brings his expertise to The Strip by offering a unique dining experience with a thoughtful selection of seafood through his delectable dishes. Renowned for his passionate views on sustainable seafood, Chef Moonen creates an experience that features a vast array of flavor combinations designed to exemplify the natural qualities of fresh ingredients. Along with abundant offerings from the sea, the menu includes Wagyu beef, lamb, salads and other unique items such as seared foie gras and chicken san daniele.

Combining the alchemy of food and drink, Chef Rick Moonen’s Rx Boiler Room showcases his spin on classic comfort food, offering guests a variety of playful creations in small and large plate portions, ideal for a shared dining experience. Paired to elevate and complement the overall experience, the drink menu features an emporium of the finest spirits and innovative libations. Rx Boiler Room offers a modern reflection of the Victorian era, celebrating the steampunk sub-genre often associated with science-fiction and inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century.

Chef Rick is our guest.




Show 241, September 16, 2017: Catalina Offshore Products 40th Anniversary

Tommy GomesForty years ago, Catalina Offshore Products owner Dave Rudie spent most of his days diving for sea urchins and seaweed in the kelp beds of Catalina Island, selling his harvest right off his boat. Eventually he opened a small processing facility in San Diego, making local deliveries throughout the region and later exporting to Japan. Catalina Offshore Products has since grown steadily into one of the region’s premier seafood purveyors and one of the largest seafood buyers in San Diego.

Catalina’s Choice Solid Pack Tuna in Olive Oil (new product) features U.S. hook-and-line bigeye and yellowfin, both also referred to as “ahi”.

This premium, responsibly harvested tuna is wild caught in the Eastern Pacific by U.S. fishing vessels, landed in San Diego and processed and packed in the USA. Hand-cut and cooked once, it is all natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Though Catalina Offshore Products fresh, local, sustainably sourced tuna has always been a big seller, canning any unsold product enables them to ensure the precious resource is even more well-managed. Additionally, it celebrates San Diego’s beloved history. The city was once known as the “Tuna Capital of the World”!

Tirelessly passionate about seafood, Catalina Offshore Products resident fishmonger, Tommy Gomes, is our guest. Tommy also oversees COP’s busy Seafood Nutrition and Education Center, which includes the retail fish market!