Show 50, November 30, 2013: Chef & Restaurateur Suzanne Goin of Lucques, A.O.C. and Tavern Continues…

A.O.C. CookbookSuzanne talks about cooking with seasonal vegetables and how that passion of hers found its way into the A.O.C. Cookbook.

She feels it’s very important to balance flavors which you only learn by tasting. Suzanne has a great philosophy that if you truly don’t enjoy eating then you can’t be a really good cook.

All the recipes in the cookbook were tested in a home kitchen by an enthusiastic home cook.

Suzanne’s long-time business partner, Caroline Styne, has wonderfully informative wine notes that go with each recipe in the book.

A.O.C. (the restaurant) has recently moved (it’s been a year) a mile West to the old Orso location (with an incredible patio) on W. Third Street across from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Suzanne shares how the move came about. It’s been an especially fortuitous transition as they now can serve lunch in the new location and it’s very busy.

Show 21, March 16, 2013: Muldoon’s Irish Pub & Country Kitchen

Muldoon's Pub and Country KitchenHidden in plain sight in Fashion Island in Newport Beach for the last 39 years is an authentic Irish Pub and Country Inn housed in a beautiful red brick building. It’s still proudly owned by the Schwartz Family.

Food and Beverage Director Dudley Tomasi joined us to talk about the rich St. Patrick’s Day traditions at Muldoon’s. It’s much more than Guinness on tap!

They bake their own Irish soda bread for the restaurant fresh daily. In addition to all the expected Irish specialties they also feature a variety of appealing salads and even seasonal vegetables.

The rich chocolate pudding (62 per cent dark chocolate) is the signature dessert. It’s made exclusively by Sindi Rae Schwartz, the co-owner from her own perfected recipe.