Show 294, October 20, 2018: Food Entrepreneur Lawrence Longo, Judge for “Battle of the Burgers”

Lawrence Longo at Battle of the BurgersOne of the esteemed members of the judging panel for Battle of the Burgers is food entrepreneur Lawrence Longo. He’s on the enviable mission to eat a burger each and every day in 2018.

He’s also the architect of the Off The Menu app. Off The Menu discovers and curates secret menu items from restaurants, bars and cafes across North America. Their worthy mandate is to: “Make Every Meal More Exciting.”

Lawrence or “Bigshot” as people refer to him around the food world, created the Secret Burger Showdown for the LA Times Food Bowl this year and currently has a cookbook and television show in the works. He can be seen as the host of the “Bigshot Burger Review Show” on Instagram Television (@BIGSHOT) where he has eaten and reviewed over 230 burgers this year.

Lawrence keeps in shape thanks to celebrity fitness trainer (and wife) Astrid Swan.

We’ll meet burger devotee and “Battle of the Burgers” judge Lawrence Longo.