Show 24, April 6, 2013: Mark Echeverria, the General Manager & Proprietor of the Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood

Musso and Frank Grill in HollywoodThere is tremendous development and continued renewal going on in the heart of Hollywood and one grand institution which has endured since 1919 is the venerable Musso & Frank Grill. It’s rich history is intertwined with the great tradition of the entertainment business in Hollywood. Industry deals are still made there to this day!

Mark Echeverria is the great-grandson of John Mosso who purchased the restaurant, with a partner, in the late 20s. He is dedicated to preserving the great tradition of Musso’s in Hollywood.

Since 1919 there have been only three executive chefs at Musso & Frank Grill. The current chef, J.P. Amateau (the son of a Hollywood producer/director,) preserves the traditions of the past while keeping the menu up-to-date. Wood-burning grills are all the rage these days but Musso & Frank Grill has been expertly grilling their popular steaks over wood (in full view of the guests at the counter) since the beginning. The new room (added in 1953) has the long bar and classic cocktails are the order of the day.

Many of the waiters (attired in distinctive red jackets) and bartenders have been there for years. They are proud of being career servers and providing for their families. Sergio Gonzalez has been serving satisfied guests for 41 years and there are more like him at Musso’s.