Show 522, April 22, 2023: Chef Andrew Gruel (Co-Host) of Calico Fish House in Huntington Beach with “Ask the Chef”

Chef Andrew Gruel of Big Parm and the Calico Fish House

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel, the menu-maker behind the recently launched, full-service Calico Fish House (in the Sunset Beach area of Huntington Beach) and also the founder of Big Parm (New Jersey-style pizza) in the Mess Hall in Tustin provides another timely and informative Ask the Chef segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries.

If hard-working servers (probable middle-income earners at best) at full-service restaurants didn’t have it rough already coming back after the Pandemic there is a new force of concern out there to contend with. The IRS has a fresh campaign out there to aggressively audit servers looking at their gratuities. Hardly going after the possible big ticket tax cheats as promised. This impacts the restaurants, too. Chef Andrew explains.

Show 383, July 25, 2020: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group with “Ask the Chef”

Chef Andrew Gruel savoring a New Jersey style PizzaOur own Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group provides another timely and informative “Ask the Chef” segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries. Chef Andrew is regularly updating us on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the hospitality field and what we, as diners, can do to support the very survival of restaurants. Dine-in is slowly, with multiple hiccups, starting to come back but with a lot of new rules that restrict guest counts. Alternately Take-Out / Delivery when you can surely helps…

Please keep in mind common courtesy and politeness when dining out. Your server is uncomfortably wearing a mask and face shield (for their shift) for your protection. Nothing funny about it. It’s hard to hear them talk so be extra patient. It’s never easy being a server but it’s even tougher right now. Great time to be a bit considerate. Remember to thoughtfully tip generously, too…

We’ll, of course, “Ask the Chef” for his insight.

Show 226, June 3, 2017: Bella Lantsman, General Manager & Partner, Chinois on Main, Santa Monica Continues…

Belle LantsmanLongevity for a restaurant in the highly competitive Los Angeles restaurant arena isn’t an easy thing. Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Pucks 2nd fine-dining restaurant in the Los Angeles area after Spago was Chinois on Main in Santa Monica. It launched in 1983 and is still a landmark dining destination in Santa Monica that consistently delivers with memorable food and polished service. Many of the professional servers have, unusually, been there for years.

There is a hidden (and very exclusive) private dining room with all the amenities at Chinois accommodating up to 40 seated guests. It even has its own kitchen.