Show 153, January 2, 2016: Elika Sadeghi, ESPNU’s “College Football Daily” – Post Game on Lawry’s Beef Bowl

Elika SadeghiThe 60th Lawry’s Beef Bowl is in the record books. The 2 collegiate gridiron competitors this year were The University of Iowa and Stanford University. It’s staged over two nights at Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills with great red carpet fanfare. The 98th Rose Queen (Queen Erika Winter) and her royal court are escorted into the dining room on the arms of uniformed California Highway Patrolmen. “KTLA Morning News” weather guy, Mark Kriski was the MC.

ESPNU personality, Elika Sadeghi (College Football Daily), joins us with her opinionated take on Lawry’s Beef Bowl. She was there on the sidelines for this celebrated pre-Rose Bowl game tradition. She even has a time-lapse video of her meal posted on YouTube.

It’s not a competition per se but rumor has it that the University of Iowa edged out Stanford University in the dining room. Different outcome, of course, on the field for the Rose Bowl Game. Ouch…! Elika also shares some musings on the results of The Rose Bowl.

Show 152, December 26, 2015: Lawry’s Beef Bowl – a 60 Year Tradition Rose Bowl arguably has the richest history of all the college bowl games. It is affectionately known as “The Granddaddy of Them All” for good reason. Celebrating its 60th year as part of The Tournament of Roses and the Rose Bowl Game is the famous Lawry’s Beef Bowl.

Lawry’s Beef Bowl is college football’s most celebrated pre-game bowl tradition. Each year since its inception prior to the 1957 Rose Bowl Game, Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills has honored the players and coaches of each Rose Bowl bound team for their gridiron achievements. This year’s events feature the University of Iowa and Stanford University.

Lawry’s Beef Bowl was the inspired creation of Richard N. Frank, Chairman of Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc. and 2005 Rose Bowl Hall of Fame Inductee. Mr. Frank passed away earlier this year. He was a huge college football fan attending his first Rose Bowl in 1931. Over the many years since he only missed attending a mere handful of games.

Our guests are the long time organizer (24 years) of the two companion events for Lawry’s, Colleen Donatucci, and Todd Erickson, the author of Road to the Rose Bowl – 50 Years of Lawry’s Beef Bowl. Bring on the silver cart and the carvers…