Show 273, May 12, 2018: Executive Sous Chef Robert DeLillo, Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo

Robert DeLilloFor the 3rd time in the show’s history we’re happily broadcasting from Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo. It’s a sport’s fan’s and foodies’ paradise. Lagasse’s Stadium is the ultimate sports bar: a restaurant with stadium-seating featuring elevated game-time classics and gourmet options from Emeril Lagasse.

Lagasse’s Stadium combines Emeril Lagasse’s signature cuisine and kicked-up game day eats with more than 100 HD TVs including a 9 foot x 16 foot main TV, luxury boxes, plush stadium-style seating, billiard tables, and an expanded 1,800 square foot outdoor patio just steps from the Strip.

The expansion Vegas Golden Knights are the unlikely sports darlings of this hockey season. They are now, unbelievably, well on their way towards possibly competing for the coveted Stanley Cup. There are also Golden Knights specials on the Lagasse Stadium menu. Think Golden Tater Puffs. It’s “Poutine Style” tots topped with savory brown gravy, shredded beef brisket and Pepper Jack cheese.

Robert DeLillo, the Executive Sous Chef for Exec Scott Pajak is our guest.


Show 50, November 30, 2013: Gavin Kaysen, Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Operations for Café Boulud

Gavin kaysenGavin Kaysen is the greatly respected Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Operations for Daniel Boulud’s Café Boulud in New York, Palm Beach and Toronto.

He put previously San Diego on the national culinary map during his much-praised tenure at El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Fortunately for us he finds his way back to SoCal periodically to cook at very special fundraisers.

In his spare time he’s the Head Coach for Bocuse d’Or Team USA 2015. Chef Gavin has completed in this prestigious International Culinary Olympics and explains what the level of competition is all about. It’s a year, plus, of rigorous practice. The competition itself is two very intensive days and 24 countries complete. He’s been associated with the American efforts for the Bocuse d’Or for some nine years.

Chef Gavin accurately describes it as the World Series, Stanley Cup and Super Bowl of professional cooking. It’s every two years in Lyon, France.

Go Team USA in 2015!