Show 512, February 11, 2023: Delhi Belly in Alhambra with Chef / Co-Owner Sagar Ghosh

Chef Sagar Ghosh

Sagar Ghosh’s Delhi Belly Modern Indian Bistro (Alhambra) menu turns historic northern and southern formal classics, along with eastern Indian street food favorites into gourmet fare. It is a dream realized for both chefs to be only one of a handful of places in the country to offer this carefully curated assortment. Dishes are prepared from scratch in an airy, brand new open kitchen complete with a tandoor. Chef-proprietor, Sagar Ghosh, Executive Chef Partner Sourav Biswas, and commercial partner Sridhar Sambangi are behind the new venture.”

“Culinary School graduates with years of training and professional experience working together serve the two chefs well: either can handle front or back of the house in the inviting bistro, which is both the “new kid on the block” and one of only two Indian restaurants in the solidly Far Eastern residential community.”

“Dishes range from formal, at times Mogul-opulent northern classic dishes, such as the biryanis, to the casual street food that Bengalis evolved into an art form. More street-food-inspired plates are Amritsari Fish Fry and Shrimp Fritters. Novel plays on ancient classics include Chicken Tikka Tacos, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Paneer Tikka Tacos and the popular chutney fries.”

Open daily for Lunch and Dinner.

Chef Sagar Ghosh takes a break from his tandoor to join us.

Show 394, October 10, 2020: Rob Arellano, Managing Partner, Descanso Restaurant, Costa Mesa

Rob Arellano of Descanso RestaurantDescanso Restaurant in Costa Mesa delivers a unique Mexican dining experience as a modern taqueria that celebrates authentic Mexican flavors and recipes executed on a traditional Plancha and prepared a la minute in front of the guest. With new Executive Chef Fonzy de Zuniga at the helm, the full-service restaurant is committed to providing only fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from local farms and does not believe in cooking with lard or using can openers. Drawing guests into the cooking experience as classic Central Mexican street-inspired cuisine is made to order, the restaurant’s lively setting celebrates tradition while bringing in the music, smells, and energy of a busy Mexican town.”

Descanso Restaurant has just resumed midweek lunch service. Featuring all-new items, the menu of Central Mexican street-inspired cuisine is available inside, to-go and al fresco on the restaurant’s 1,500 square-foot patio.

“The modern taqueria’s fresh and vibrant menu introduces the Mexibol, a new offering filled with bold flavors and nourishing ingredients including refried pinto beans, Mexican fried rice, pico de gallo, avocado toreado salsa, salsa frita, tortilla chips and a choice of protein or vegetables.”

Descanso hosts weekly Wine Wednesday from 3 to 9:00 p.m. The bonus is live music on the patio with TIAN playing acoustic Latin hits and modern favorites with a Latin twist. Five Dollar wines by the glass are available plus half-off on select bottles.

Managing Partner and Concept Creator Rob Arellano joins us with all the details of what Descanso has available for the hungry dining public right now.

Show 368, April 11, 2020: Chef / Proprietor Ali Mookhi of Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen, Fullerton

Imran Ali Mookhi of Khan Saab Desi Craft KitchenThe newly opened Khan Saab Desi Craft Kitchen in Downtown Fullerton is a 100% Halal restaurant featuring high-end Desi cuisine paired alongside alcohol-free crafted mocktails from the award-winning Chef Imran Ali Mookhi. Built on the mission to highlight global cuisine in an elevated and elegant way, Khan Saab’s menu offers bold entrees made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Khan Saab is now available for takeout and 3rd party delivery through Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates! The doors and phone lines are open daily from 2 to 9:30 p.m.! Order directly by phone @ 714.853.1081 and receive 10% off!

Order from the Dinner menu and Family Take Out BBQ Kit, which includes your choice of smoked beef kabob, Malai chicken tikka, or Afghani Seekh kabob.  Packaged with Vegetable Biryani. $50 and serves four people.

Chef Ali is also graciously serving the community with a weekly feeding program for those in need providing hot meals and bags of rice & lentils on Friday evenings.

Show 292, September 29, 2018: Chef / Proprietor Shachi Mehra, ADYA, Anaheim – “Discover Diwali” Culinary Class

Shachi MehraADYA (Anaheim) hosts interactive Indian culinary demos every 3rd Saturday of the month from 11a.m. to 1p.m. priced at $35 per guest (unless otherwise noted) and include easy-to-follow recipes to take home with you, culinary secrets from Chef Shachi Mehra and of course, lunch served with wine / beer or chai. Discover Diwali” is set for Saturday, Oct. 20th. Reservations (due to limited class size) are a must.

“At ADYA, we showcase the flavorful street food of India. Our inspiration comes from the multitude of bright flavors and textures representing the diversity of India itself. Working with our local farmers, growers and purveyors, we strive to use local, organic, biodynamic ingredients whenever possible. Combining these with modern creative and classic Indian styles of cooking, we present food that balances the bounty of California with the bold flavors and spices of India. The carefully curated wine list and rotating craft beer list complement our vibrant flavors and casual style.”

Chef Shachi steps away from the tandoor oven to join us.

Show 282, July 21, 2018: Javier Cuadra, Owner & Founder, Urbana Mexican Gastronomy, Anaheim Packing House

Javier CuadraHidden in plain sight on the lower level of the Anaheim Packing House is the full-service Urbana Mexican Gastronomy. Its ‘Dia de los Muertos’ every day at URBANA, the Anaheim Packing House’s most colorful restaurant.

Farm Fresh Mexican inspired plates are created by Chef Ernie Alvarado. Complementing the menu, URBANA’S sexy departure on craft cocktails featuring Tequila and Mezcal favorites as well as top shelf agave spirits.

“Restaurateur Javier Cuadra was raised between Orange County and Michoacan, “the belly” of Mexico. Michoacan boasts an abundance of culture and delectable street foods which influenced Javier into opening a restaurant shacking the region’s finest offerings.”

“I always had a passion for food, while going to college for international business I worked in the restaurant industry and this inspired me to have my own one day. Experiencing the unique cuisine that Mexico has to offer and seeing how there was nothing like that in Orange County inspired me to bring a small piece of Mexican culture here.”

Javier’s love of “street food” has heavily influenced URBANA’s eclectic menu, which features natural and fresh ingredients including handmade tortillas, gourmet tacos and Red Snapper ceviche, creatively prepared by Chef Ernie Alvarado. “My personal favorite are the Mole enchiladas, made with house made Mole sauce that reminds me of home.” says Javier.

Located in the Anaheim Packing House, the candle-lit ambience has earned Golden Foodie Award honors among other recognitions, “The fact that together with Chef Ernie Alvarado we were able to change how people see Mexican cuisine is a huge accomplishment.”

Proprietor Javier Cuadra is our in-studio guest.

Show 268, April 7, 2018: Farley Elliott, Senior Editor, Eater LA Part One

Farley ElliottFor 3 plus years food journalist Farley Elliott has been the Senior Editor at the highly influential Eater LA, part of the 27 City Eater network.

He is also the author of well-received Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks with Foreword by Senor Bill Esparza. It’s part local history and part useful Street Food guide.

Farley’s work appears nationally in the online, print, and digital video space, and you can follow him around the internet at @overoverunder.

Farley joins us in-studio.

Show 215, March 18, 2017: Kim Heim, Main Street Oceanside, Sunset Market

Kim HeimThe expansive Thursday evening Sunset Market in Downtown Oceanside is the weekly gathering spot for up to 8,000 locals. Eighty-eight top quality food stands featuring appealing ethnic cuisine from around the globe are one of the primary attractions. (There is little duplication of menu items between food stands.)

Think of an intriguing mix of everything from Chicago Polish pierogis to wild caught salmon that is eye-catchingly fire-roasted in front of you on oak planks. Then, for dessert, there are the incredible Atsuko’s Japanese Cakes, an unusual taste experience with exotic natural flavors.

Southern California has attracted people from all over the world and is renowned for its diversity which is reflected in the distinctive international food offerings of the Sunset Market.

Kim Heim from Main Street Oceanside is our informed tour guide.

Show 181, July 23, 2016: Chef Alex Chen, Boulevard Kitchen, Vancouver, B.C.

Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster BarRichmond, British Columbia is an incorporated city of 210,000 residents just South of Vancouver. 65 per cent of the residents are Asian and half of that group is of Chinese ancestry. It’s known for having some of the most authentic regional Chinese cuisine outside of China.

It’s home to Vancouver International Airport and the iconic Richmond Olympic Oval. It’s nestled where the Pacific Ocean and the mighty Fraser River meet. Richmond is a thriving multicultural destination city offering a growing range of cultural, heritage, culinary and leisure experiences.

The “SoCal Restaurant Show” was recently on assignment in Richmond B.C. Joining us to further delve into the vibrant Richmond food scene is Vancouver’s acclaimed Chef Alex Chen (ex-Beverly Hills Hotel.) Chef Chen is an enthusiastic resident of Richmond. He is currently the respected chef at Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar in Vancouver.

Where does Chef Chen eat on his time away from Boulevard Kitchen? He particularly enjoys the Chinese street food in Richmond. Cantonese specialties are at the top of the list but he savors food discoveries from all eight principal culinary regions of China. They are all represented in Richmond.

We talk about some of his favorites including HK BBQ Master. Pass the tea, please…


Show 150, December 12, 2015: Anita Lau, Mad Hungry Woman Blogger

Anita Lau of Mad Hungry WomanAnita Lau is better known to regular listeners of the “SoCal Restaurant Show” as the Mad Hungry Woman blogger. She was living in Hong Kong in the 90s before the turnover by the British to China. Anita was just back to Hong Kong for a 3-week visit. We’ll get a insider’s view of the dining scene there during the glory days of the British and now under Chinese authority.

Anita will fill us in on the impact of Michelin Stars in Hong Kong and also the best street food. Michelin in now even rating “Street Food” which seems a bit odd.

Anita notes that the big deal celebrity chefs are opening high-profile restaurants in Hong Kong. Gordon Ramsay is already there and Anita crossed paths with Chris Cosentino of “Top Chef Masters” fame there, too.

We’ll also get the morsel-by-morsel details of her favorite dining experience of the trip. It’s French and elegant…Go to her blog to read her full review of EPURE. Beautiful food photography of the meal, too.

Born in Hong Kong and now living in Orange County, California, Anita Lau is an international author and writer who has lived in Malaysia, Australia, Nebraska, Oregon, San Francisco and also, Hawaii. Her obsession with food began at an early age but it wasn’t until her early 20s when her experimentation with cooking led her to start a small catering business which she would run in her spare time while at college in Australia.


Show 140, October 3, 2015: ADYA – Fresh Indian Flavors and Executive Chef Shachi Mehra

Shachi MehraExecutive Chef Shachi Mehra is the co-proprietor of ADYA – Fresh Indian Flavors in the Packing House in Anaheim. At the recent Golden Foodie Awards ADYA was one of three distinguished nominees for Best Indian Cuisine. We’ll find out from Chef Shachi herself what restaurant was awarded the coveted honor.

“At ADYA, we showcase the flavorful street food of India. Our inspiration comes from the multitude of bright flavors and textures representing the diversity of India itself. Working with our local farmers, growers and purveyors, we strive to use local, organic, biodynamic ingredients whenever possible. Combining these with modern creative and classic Indian styles of cooking, we present food that balances the bounty of California with the bold flavors and spices of India. The carefully curated wine list and rotating craft beer list complement our vibrant flavors and casual style. Our team’s passion for hospitality comes through with each bite, every sip and with every smiling interaction.”

Shachi grew up surrounded by good food and learned early the importance of eating seasonally during her annual summer trips to her native India. Her mother was an exceptional cook, and as a young girl, Shachi spent many a moment sitting on the counter, as the ‘official taste tester’ of the house. Growing up in New Jersey, Shachi had her share of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as traditional Indian foods; this crossing of two cultures from her youth carries in to her work now and allows her the ability to see things from different perspectives and bridge the gap between perception and reality of Indian food.

As a chef, Mehra believes in creating innovative and thoughtful menus that tastefully balance a variety of flavors and makes cuisines appealing to a range of tastes. She is also an ardent supporter of local farmers and sustainable practices.

A second ADYA is in the works. Location and timeframe are under securely wraps at the moment. We’ll keep after Chef Shachi for the future details…

Look for her interactive “Learn To Create” monthly cooking classes at ADYA. It’s the home cooks’ guide to quick, easy Indian dishes. The next class is Saturday, November 7th. It’s Indian Thanksgiving dishes for the American table. Do I hear tandoori turkey?