Show 535, July 22, 2023: Handpicked Wines, Sydney, Australia with Adam Dromi USA Market Manager Part One

Adam Dromi of Handpicked Wines

Handpicked Wines is a family-owned Australian Winery that specializes in crafting wines that offer a true sense of place, but fundamentally not from a single place. The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is home to their Winery and flagship vineyard Capella, but winemaking spreads to five more fully owned, top-site vineyards across in Tasmania, Yarra Valley, and Barossa Valley.”

“With several trophies and hundreds of accolades to their name, Handpicked Wines has earned a reputation as a top site-specific producer vintage after vintage. They have proudly held their Halliday 5-Red-Star-Winery rating since 2014 along with being recognized as a Top Winery of Australia by The Real Review since 2018.”

“They are advocates of sustainable viticulture with a commitment to grape-growing techniques that improve the health of their vines and that of the local environment. Handpicked Wines is a proponent of minimal intervention, a vineyard-driven approach to winemaking that accentuates the character, complexity and geology of each site.”

Just back from Australia is Handpicked Wines’ USA Market Manager, Adam Dromi, to pull the cork for us on all that is Handpicked Wines.