Show 42, October 5, 2013: Marin Howarth, co-owner and Executive Chef Noah Blom of ARC restautant at SoCo

Marin Howarth and Executive Chef Noah BlomIt’s fair to say the restaurant opening of the year in Orange County is ARC located right here at SoCo in Costa Mesa. The reviews have been ethereal. Last Sunday, September 29th, they were the recipient of the Golden Foodie Award for “Best New Restaurant.”

Brad A. Johnson awarded them Three Stars in his glowing review (March 20, 2013) for The Register.

ARC owners Marin Howarth and Executive Chef Noah Blom joined us to talk about their wild ride.

It’s all from-scratch cooking with locally sourced ingredients. Every menu item is unusually cooked over an open fire. There are impressive secret menu items (including a giant burger) so ask…

It’s an open kitchen so everything is totally visible to the guest. Great care goes into the preparation of the libations, too, under the supervision of a bar chef. Bitters, infusions, syrups, and sodas are all made in-house.