Show 323, May 11, 2019: Executive Chef / Proprietor Angelo Auriana and Proprietor Matteo Ferdinandi, The Factory Kitchen, Las Vegas Part One

Chef Angelo AurianaThe Factory Kitchen, recently launched at The Venetian Resort, is the outcome of a long-standing friendship between Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi and Chef Angelo Auriana. Ferdinandi and Auriana share the vision of imparting their Italian roots and memories through food and hospitality. The original trattoria, serving traditional Italian recipes, opened its doors on Oct. 24, 2013, in The Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles.

The Factory Kitchen takes its name from the street it’s located on and the former factory building complex that hosts it, but the restaurant’s soul is purely Italian.

The approachable menu at The Factory Kitchen highlights the simplicity of traditional local recipes. These recipes have been passed down from generation to generation within Italian families.

“It’s Italian cuisine at its finest run by Italians.”

Matteo, Chef Angelo, and Las Vegas Chef de Cuisine Eduardo Perez are our guests.

Show 138, September 12, 2015: Barbara Lynch’s Sportello, Boston

David CavillaChef Barbara Lynch (No 9 Park), a James Beard Award-winner, is a celebrated chef in Boston. Her Barbara Lynch Gruppo enterprise owns multiple highly-regarded restaurant properties there. One of the newest is Sportello (Italian for “counter service”), a modern interpretation of the classic diner. It’s trattoria –inspired Italian dishes for lunch and dinner.

Sportello’s casual, lively, Italian spirit is captured in the sleek, minimalist design of the cuisine – fresh pastas, creamy polenta, and simple soups – and in the supremely approachable, artisanal wine list created by Wine Director Cat Silirie. (also a James Beard-Award recipient.)

The Strozzapreti is a widely-featured house favorite with braised rabbit, picholine olives and rosemary. The Tagliatelle Bolognese is also popular.

Chef de Cuisine David Cavilla has spent his culinary career as a member of Barbara Lynch Gruppo having cooked at B&G oysters, The Butcher Shop, Stir, and now Sportello. Chef David is “excited about the opportunity to dive into a new setting along with a restaurant with a new identity.”

Chef de Cuisine David Cavilla is our guest.