Show 280, July 7, 2018: Jay Henderson, West Coast Prime Meats, representing The Meatheads

Jay HendersonThe Meatheads (Terry and Jay) are our resident, well-informed protein experts from West Coast Prime Meats.

Jay Henderson (half of The Meatheads) joins us to talk about all the hoopla concerning grass-finished and grass-fed beef. How does this differ from grain-fed beef? What’s the flavor profile?

The real confusion is there are no clear-cut standards for what “grass-fed” beef is. The USDA, surprisingly, eliminated having standards a couple of years ago. Read the labels carefully and talk to your trusted butcher.


Show 43, October 12, 2013: Ken Love, President of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers

Sharwil AvacadoThe State of Hawaii has some of the most fertile agricultural land in the United States yet, in recent years, this dirt hasn’t been used for agriculture. Sadly they need to import most of their fruits and vegetables from the Mainland. Change is in the tropical Hawaiian breezes…

On the Big Island of Hawaii, for example, over 200 varieties of avocados grow. The pearl of the group is the Sharwil. It’s creamy with a rich buttery flavor, and prized by local chefs.

Surprisingly until very recently the USDA wouldn’t allow the Sharwil to be imported into the continental 48 states. This is a real shame because the seasons of the Sharwil match the seasons of availability for imported avocados from Mexico. Wouldn’t you want to enjoy a made in the USA fruit which also supports our economy?

Ken Love, the President of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, joined us from The Big Island to explain what has changed…It’s a baby step but marks significant progress.

Fingers crossed…