Show 414, February 27, 2021: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group with “Ask the Chef”

Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel of the Slapfish Restaurant Group provides another timely and informative “Ask the Chef” segment where Chef Andrew responds to listeners thoughtful inquiries. Chef Andrew is regularly updating us on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in the hospitality field and what we, as diners, can do to support the very survival of restaurants which is a genuine (and increasingly growing) concern. Restaurants in Southern California are finally again allowed to operate for outside/patio dining at greatly reduced capacities with all the requisite COVID 19 safety precautions. How is it going? We’ll “Ask the Chef.”

In our culinary hints segment we’ll continue the conversation about frozen foods. Are properly flash frozen fruits and vegetables equivalent to their fresh counterparts? Does seasonality come into play here? Chef Andrew has the informed answers.

Chef Andrew also updates us on the inspiring progress for the grass-roots, 86  Restaurant Struggle campaign to benefit out-of-work and struggling restaurant workers. Chef Andrew and his wife, Lauren, have already distributed over $380,000 in small grants to deserving restaurant workers in need. All applications are carefully vetted by the Gruels. The substantial need, and fundraising, continues…

Show 308, January 26, 2019: Author Ysanne Spevack, Vegetable Cakes – The most fun way to five a day!

Ysanne SpevackWhy aren’t we using vegetables in desserts? They are as sweet as many fruits when caramelized or marinated, and offer incredible flavors and visual appeal, and of course wonderful nutrition! Vegetable Cakes – The most fun way to five a day! by Ysanne Spevack (her 12th book) brings us a wonderful kale and coconut gateau, asparagus and sesame cake, carrot and plant-based cheesecakes made with fennel, pumpkin, and arugula.

“From a decadent beet cheesecake to a vegan radish-pavlova, eating vegetables has never been easier! Squash, corn, carrots, spinach, kale, onions and even fiddlehead ferns take you into a new culinary universe, where the tastes are intriguing, the bakes beautiful, and the results are irresistibly tempting.”

“Ysanne Spevack’s thoughtful step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, with a gorgeous finished photo for every recipe. Vegetable Cakes is a must have for anyone looking to brighten their baking universe, by adding some healthy layers to their daily diet.”

“Ysanne Spevack brings 25+ years of experience to Vegetable Cakes. Her previous books, ‘The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook,” published by Rizzoli and “Fresh & Wild—A Real Food Adventure” commissioned by Whole Foods and published by HarperCollins received critical acclaim. Born and raised in London, Ysanne moved to Los Angeles in 2004, and has been based in New York City. All three cities inform her unique perspective on food.”

We’re in the lush vegetable garden with Ysanne.

Show 219, April 15, 2017: Dave Peters, Founder & CEO, Veggie Fries (Farmwise)

Dave Peters of Veggie Fries“Our story is probably your story; a family searching for healthy and delicious food for our three daughters. We achieved the best of both worlds in some of America’s most iconic foods. Our whole family loves French fries and tater tots, so we made them healthier; blending in our favorite vegetables to make a tasty nutritious treat. We experimented with over 300 recipes to create perfect fries and tots –extra crispy on the outside, fluffy and tender on the inside using a delicious blend of vegetables, legumes, and potatoes. We hope your family loves them as much as we do.” Dave Peters, Founder, Veggie Fries / Farmwise

Veggie Fries are genuinely tasty frozen French fries made from a blend of all-natural, farm grown vegetables, legumes, and potatoes, chopped and blended together with herbs, spices, and just a pinch of sea salt. Veggie Fries are vegan, Non-GMO certified and free of the top 8 allergens including gluten, soy, dairy, and wheat.

Each batch of Veggie Fries provides a crispy texture on the outside, fluffy and tender on the inside. Every variety has at least 27% of non-potato vegetables and legumes, containing 9 vegetable servings and a substantial amount of vegetable nutrition in every14 oz. bag.

We’ll pull Founder & CEO Dave Peters out of the veggie patch for a chat.


Show 215, March 18, 2017: Farm Lot 59 Benefit at Roe Seafood, Long Beach

Arthur GonzalezBelmont Shore, Long Beach restaurant Roe Seafood (Owner / Chef Art Gonzalez) will host an “Electric Fundraiser” to benefit Farm Lot 59 on Wednesday, March 22nd from 4 – 7p.m. The food and cocktail-centric event is open to the public and proceeds will fund Farm Lot 59’s efforts to bring much needed electricity to the property.

“With recent vandalism and safety and security concerns, our need for electricity is greater than ever,” Farm Lot 59 founder and farmer Sasha Kanno said. “We’re excited to partner with Roe to help raise the funds needed to install power to the property so the farm can continue its mission to service the community and provide our youth with an ‘edible education’.”

100% of proceeds from Farm Lot 59 signature cocktails and appetizers will go to the farm, as well as 10% of the proceeds from Roe Seafood’s regular menu that evening. Guests are encouraged to call the restaurant in advance at (562) 546-7110 to reserve a table for dinner service.

Sasha KannoFounded by Sasha Kanno in 2010, Farm Lot 59/Long Beach Local is an agriculture-based official 501(c)(3) non-profit, organic and biodynamic farm that promotes the direct connection between farmer and consumer and serves as an educational resource for children through its Living Classroom program.

Farm Lot 59 grows vegetables, fruit and flowers without pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. Farm Lot 59 also creates local green jobs and grows healthy fresh food on a historically significant site, with an overall goal to make a difference in the local and global community by combining resources with the city, local partners, and friends.

Farmer Sasha and Chef Art Gonzalez are our guests,


Show 182, July 30, 2016: Chef Cara Mangini, Little Eater, The Vegetable Butcher

Cara Mangini, the Vegetable ButcherThe skills of butchery meet the world of fresh produce in The Vegetable Butcher – How to Select, Prep, Slice, Dice, and Masterfully Cook Vegetables from Artichokes to Zucchini authored by Chef Cara Mangini. This well-researched, essential, inspiring guide demystifies the world of vegetables. Along the way Mangini shares over 150 mouthwatering recipes that put vegetables front and center.

Author and Chef Cara Mangini joins us from Columbus, Ohio.

Cara Mangini comes from a long line of butchers. Her Italian grandfather and great-grandfather gracefully cut tenderloins and butterflied chickens for a living. Mangini also wields a knife, but hers is used against the curves of butternut squash and stalks of freshly picked Brussels sprouts at Little Eater, her vegetable-inspired restaurant, produce stand, and artisanal foods boutique in Columbus, Ohio.

Mangini’s basic recipes provide foundational methods that every cook should know – how to steam or saute spinach, the art of making crispy fingerling potatoes, how to perfectly pan-roast Brussels sprouts, and much more. From there she serves up an array of creative recipes that celebrate the soul-satisfying flavor of each vegetable – Orange-Shallot Fiddlehead Ferns and Ricotta Crostini, Cardoon and Fontina Bread Pudding, Parsnip-Ginger Layer Cake with Browned Buttercream Frosting, and many other sure-to-be new favorites.

Show 162, March 5, 2016: Robert Schueller, Produce Authority, Melissa’s World Variety Produce

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA StudioWhat’s new, and fresh, in the world of fruits and vegetables? Glad you asked. Joining us is our resident Produce authority, Robert Schueller of Melissa’s World Variety Produce.

For starters the incredible Ojai Pixie Tangerines are back and there is a new, distinctive Dragon Fruit from Israel that’s actually sweet. And wonderful, flavorful grapes are now available outside of the Summer season.

Savor the tasty, delicate treat of tree-ripened Ojai Pixie Tangerines bursting with sunshine-sweet flavor and juice. This seedless variety is the result of open pollination of Kincy, King and Dancy mandarins. Popular backyard trees in Ojai, California, they bear small to medium-sized citrus, having pebbly textured, yellow-orange rinds with loose skins that peel easily. The segments separate neatly for a quick snack, making them a great choice for eating out of hand.

Robert shares a great tip for handling fruits. To preserve freshness and protect the integrity of the fruit resist the temptation to wash until just right before you’re going to enjoy the item.

Show 162, March 5, 2016: Robert Schueller, Produce Authority, Melissa’s World Variety Produce Continues…

Robert Schueller of Melissa's World Variety Produce in the AM830 KLAA StudioWhat’s new, and fresh, in the world of fruits and vegetables? Glad you asked. Joining us for an encore segment is our resident Produce authority, Robert Schueller of Melissa’s World Variety Produce.

Grapes from South America are now deliciously available in the non-Summer season. Highlights are the Melissa’s Muscato grapes (red and green Summer flavors.)

Green to amber-green Muscato seedless grapes arrive with a crisp, firm texture and a delicious tangy sweetness. Toss in fruit salads for texture, color, and a burst of juicy flavor. Succulently delicious— the ideal picnic or lunchbox treat.

Exclusively available from Melissa’s, Red Muscato grapes have a bright, rosy red color, firm texture with a very high sugar content. Slightly sweeter than its juicy sweet green-skinned cousin, Red Muscato grapes are a great addition to any fresh fruit ‘n cheese platter, sprinkled on yogurt or tossed in a green salad. This variety’s refreshing sweetness makes it a healthy out-of-hand snack food for kids and smart adults alike!

Cathy ThomasCathy Thomas is the award-winning, long-time Food Editor and food columnist for the Orange County Register. She also publishes a genuinely useful weekly newsletter on food, Cathy Thomas Cooks! On Friday afternoon, March 18th you’ll have a chance to meet her from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Chefs’ Toys warehouse store in Fountain Valley located right off the 405 Freeway. All are invited and this is a free event.

Cathy will be selling & signing all her must-have Melissa’s resource and reference books. Great gifts for that special foodie in your life. At 3 and 4:00 p.m. Cathy will be making presentations. Chef Bill Bracken of Bracken’s Kitchen will also be in the house cooking up nibbles of his tasty cuisine to savor.

Show 132, July 25, 2015: Chef Andrew Gruel on Sandwiches

Andrew GruelOur regular guest host, Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish fame, is a big fan of truly cravable sandwiches. He’s also a self-described sandwich junkie…Chef Andrew is personally responsible for creating some of his own winners. Think smoked salmon bagel and the ultimate breakfast sandwich for openers…

Chef Andrew will give us the profile of the regional favorite, the New Jersey Sloppy Joe and other tantalizing sandwich intell. Bread is a critical element as well as the vegetables. Some vegetables work well on cold sandwiches and others are best for the hot variety. There are tricks to prevent the sandwich from becoming soggy.

Show 129, July 4, 2015: Amy Riolo, The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Amy RioloThink you’re heard everything you could possibly need to know about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet? Time to rethink that…

We’re diving into The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook – Harness the Power of the World’s Healthiest Diet to Live Better, Longer written by international cooking expert Amy Riolo. It’s based on the science of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid.

She gets right to the core of the Mediterranean lifestyle explaining what should be eaten, when it should be eaten, and why. Each recipe is complemented by “Mediterranean Tradition” – information on the history, culture, lore, and nutritional value of the dish and its ingredients.

Recent studies show that people who follow a Mediterranean diet were 47 percent less likely to develop heart disease – and the news gets even better. A Mediterranean diet works for all genders, all age groups, and regardless of overall condition.

Combined with the fact that the foods most common to the Mediterranean diet are easily available in the U.S. and Canada – and already number among our most popular dishes – make this diet plan perhaps one of the most effective, easiest to follow, and delicious. Rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and even wine, The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet allows you to enjoy both appealing food and good health.


Show 117, April 11, 2015: Karen Page – The Vegetarian Flavor Bible Continues…

Karen Page and Andrew DornenburgAfter losing members of her family to cancer, the author – an established culinary professional – was shocked to learn that the number-one cause of death in America is nutritionally controllable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A lifelong omnivore who grew up eating meat “two and often three times a day,” Page was motivated by nutrition studies to experiment with vegetarianism. She eventually eliminated meat from her diet, losing digestive aches and pains and more than twenty pounds in the process, while gaining new vitality and even joy – and she pours here newfound passion into this book.

Page shares what she’s learned about making dishes with the most healthful, nutrient-dense ingredients available (vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds) taste so delicious that their meatlessness is entirely beside the point.

At the heart of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible are the A-to-Z listings of hundreds of ingredients (from acai to zucchini blossoms), and the herbs, spices, and other seasonings that best enhance their flavor. Searching by ethnic cuisine or flavor or season, the reader will find endless inspiration for harmonious combinations.