Show 131, July 18, 2015: Kyle Meyer, Co-Proprietor, Wine Exchange, Santa Ana

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeThe Wall Street Journal’s esteemed wine writer, Lettie Teague, asked the question in her May 22nd article, “What Goes Into Wine-Label Design? Will a fussy label hamper the sale of a cheap wine?”

“Ask someone the kind of wine he prefers and he may or may not be able to describe it; ask someone what kind of wine label he (or she) likes and you’re guaranteed to get a reply. From occasional imbibers to serious oenophiles, just about every wine drinker I know cares about labels – and even employs them as a buying guide. For example, my friend Robert likes labels with silver type but won’t buy a bottle if there are “snakes, frogs or shoes” as part of the design, no matter how good the wine inside may be.” – Lettie Teague

Our resident wine expert, Kyle Meyer of The Wine Exchange shares a few carefully-considered thoughts on the matter. Selling wine is his livelihood …He’s a believer in the marketing value of a well-designed and executed label.