Show 551, November 11, 2023: Al Mancini, Las Vegas Food & Entertainment Journalist. Creator of Neon Feast dining App for Las Vegas

Al Mancini of Neon Feast

The 2nd year anniversary of notable Las Vegas-based food and entertainment journalist Al Mancini’s ambitious Neon Feast dining app is on the horizon. Lots of new features have now been added to the updated App. “Available now on app stores for both Apple and Android (as well as on Neon Feast’s website), Neon Feast solves the “where to eat” dilemma for both visitors and locals with listings curated by dozens of local and nationally prominent food & beverage experts, searchable through a unique combination of filters and capabilities.”

“The weekly “Food and Loathing” podcast created by Al Mancini is a savage journey into the stomach of the Las Vegas restaurant and bar scene – with occasional detours to explore some of the valley’s other decadent offerings (edible and otherwise).” Each week, veteran food writer Al Mancini offers the lowdown on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s delicious in America’s most glamorous culinary city. Al invites you into his insider conversations with the chefs, bartenders, journalists, and other experts who know where to go – and what to order when you get there.”

Al Mancini is our guest with highlights of the Las Vegas dining scene including the high-end culinary aspects of the inaugural Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix – Saturday November 18, 2023. Also, the incredible story of the new Winnie & Ethel’s coffee shop in Downtown which was a turn-key, million-dollar prize awarded to the co-owners from the Developer of the Center (Dapper Companies) they are in. The chef/owners are veterans of the greatly respected Esther’s Kitchen (James Trees.)