Show 125, June 6, 2015: Pastry Chef Emily Luchetti continues…

Emily LuchettiAcclaimed pastry chef Emily Luchetti is Chief Pastry Officer at Big Night Restaurant Group in San Francisco (Cavalier, Marlowe and Park Tavern), the Chairman of the James Beard Foundation, and a James Beard Award recipient. Her new mission is “#dessertworthy”, a social media movement to empower individuals to be mindful of their dessert and sugar indulgences.

#dessertworthy Manifesto

  • To return dessert to its origin, which is to be consumed as an occasional treat and not an everyday indulgence.
  • To build and consistently engage a community of digital supporters that are making active attempts to enjoy dessert in moderation.
  • To raise awareness that consumers should be picky about their dessert intake. Enjoy dessert in moderation and/or earn sweet treats by combining them with healthy eating and fitness.
  • To increase consumer knowledge of processed foods and hidden sugars.
  • To be a resource for maintaining a #dessertworthy lifestyle through tips and reinforcements on digital communities.

Emily also talks about all the good work of The James Beard Foundation best known for the annual James Beard Foundation Awards. Emily is the Chairman of the New York-based, James Beard Foundation. For the first time in the history of the Awards they were held in Chicago. It’s the center of the country so it’s more-inclusive. They will also be staged there in 2016 and 2017.

The Foundation is also heaily involved in education and grants scholarships to pursue education in the culinary arts. The Beard Foundation is one of the key programming organizers of the USA Pavilion at Expo Milano (World’s Fair) running through the end of October. Food is a theme.