Show 580, June 1, 2024: Co-Host Chef Andrew Gruel of Calico Fish House with “Ask the Chef”

Andy Harris and Andrew Gruel at Cabana 14 at the Cove at Pechanga Resort and Casino

Our own Chef Andrew Gruel, the menu-maker behind the full-service Calico Fish House (in the Sunset Beach area of Huntington Beach) provides another timely and informative Ask the Chef segment where he responds to listeners’ thoughtful inquiries.

Think there is nothing new when it comes to cutting the conventional sandwich using two slices of almost square bread? Creating a controversy via social media is the “Duff Cut.” The idea is to provide a better balance of crust and filling in each bite. Also known as the “Y” Cut. Chef Andrew tried this with a grilled cheese sandwich served at Calico Fish House and shares the surprising intense guest reaction. (Rescheduled from May 25th.)