Show 410, January 30, 2021: Jolene Mannina, Founder, Vegas Test Kitchen, Las Vegas Part Two

Food Entrepreneur Jolene Mannina

“The restaurant world is changing faster than ever before and some of the best chefs are all looking for ways to test out new concepts without a huge investment.”  Food entrepreneur Jolene Mannina, President of  has brought Las Vegas its first Test Kitchen (Vegas Test Kitchen.) “It’s a brick & mortar location in downtown Las Vegas on E. Fremont St. offering a variety of cuisines five days a week (Wednesday through Saturday) from celebrated chefs testing new concepts.” 

“This is a win-win for these amazing chefs and the food loving community we all know Vegas has.” Jolene continues with us furthering the conversation on Vegas Test Kitchen and SecretBurger.

Slurp Society is a Ramen concept by Chef Lanny Chin. Chef Lanny is the Vegas Test Kitchen’s first Resident concept. Pop-Up establishments include Nina Manchev’s Banichka Downtown LV serving Baniza, a traditional Bulgarian street food; Pastry Chef Andrea Mclean with PopNPies offering a variety of pies by the slice; Chef Sonia El-Nawal of Rooster Boy Cafe with Bodega Bagel and Yukon Pizza with Sourdough wood-fired pizza made with 120-year old family heirloom starter from Chef Alex White.

 Jolene’s other creation, “SECRETBURGER, is a collection of off-the-menu dishes created by some of the best chefs across the U.S. The mission is to allow chefs to be creative day-by-day and for the city to experience new food that can assist advancing the culinary scene forward.” is also the conduit for interactive cooking demonstrations with accomplished chefs.