Show 405, December 26, 2020: Al Mancini, Food Staff Writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Al Mancini of the Las Vegas Review JournalOne of our most reliable sources of accurate restaurant news in fabulous Las Vegas is Al Mancini, who is a staff writer for The Las Vegas Review-Journal covering food, restaurants and other aspects of entertainment. Al has been working the Vegas food scene for 19 years. He was one of the creators of the popular, and widely referenced, Eating Las Vegas restaurant guidebook series.

Al joins us with Part 2 of his quarterly update on the Las Vegas dining scene. He’s sharing an insider’s overview of what’s new including the diverse menu offerings (think quality New York-style bagels and banh mi) at local food personality Jolene Mannina’s Vegas Test Kitchen on Fremont Street. Al also remembers visionary entrepreneur Tony Hsieh (co-founder of Zappos) who is credited with reviving the (now vibrant) dining scene in Downtown Las Vegas. It was ultimately a tidy $350 million dollar investment.