Show 474, May 14, 2022: Litty Mathew, Founder, Greenbar Distillery, Los Angeles Part One

Litty Mathew of Greenbar Distillery

“Los Angeles-based Greenbar Distillery established in 2004 has the largest portfolio of organic spirits for customers seeking a higher standard of taste and an easier way to make the perfect cocktail.”

“The truth is, great cocktails can be really difficult to make. That’s why Greenbar Distillery does the hard work for you, creating deeply flavorful spirits that remove the hassle, mess and guesswork from making great cocktails. This allows Greenbar’s customers to spend less time making drinks and more time enjoying friends and family.”

“Way back when, founder Melkon Khosrovian was inspired to create infused spirits that his fiance, Litty Mathew (founder) would find more palatable than the harsh liquor served during his Armenian family celebrations— a tall task as Litty is a gourmet at heart.”

“Through relentless research and experimentation, the two began to innovate the art of extracting and capturing clean, rich flavors from organic ingredients. Legend of their concoctions grew and, eventually, led them to create Greenbar Distillery.”

“Buzz-Less Spirits” is a growing trend and product category. Greenbar has a new line of non-alcoholic canned Highballs (Un Gin+Tonic and Un Rum+Cola) as an addition to their Bitters+Soda (Burnt Orange, Earl Grey, and Lavender) cans.

“How did Greenbar Distillery improve non-alcoholic cocktails? By giving them real depth and complexity through the use of authentically distilled and infused spirits. Greenbar simply finishes these by distilling off the alcohol while keeping all of the rich flavors cocktail lovers crave…only now without the buzz.”

“Delicious organic spirits = healthier planet. Saving the planet can be fun. Greenbar customers have the satisfaction of knowing that for every bottle they enjoy, Greenbar Distillery will plant one tree. Simply enjoying one cocktail made with 2oz. of their spirits renders you carbon negative for the day – how easy is that?”

The highly recommended Greenbar Distillery Tour and Tasting has returned one Saturday a month by reservation. The next Tour date is Saturday, May 28th.

Greenbar Distillery Founder Litty Mathew is our guest.

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