Show 97, November 15, 2014: Executive Chef Jo-Jo Doyle, Honda Center

Jo Jo DoyleThe Ducks are back on the ice at Honda Center so it’s a good time to revisit Executive Chef Jo-Jo Doyle and see what is new in cravable edibles for the season. Chef Jo-Jo even has a new, full-service restaurant, Standing ‘O’ in his growing domain .

What’s trending in various outlets for hearty appetites is the Louisville Hot Brown (Standing ‘O’,) the New Orleans Muffuletta (Standing ‘O’,) Housemade Potato Chips (Stoneworks) and the One Pound Meatball over Penne Pasta (Bowl’d Over.)

An eagerly anticipated (and long in the works) Wahoo’s Fish Taco outlet is also new for the season. The Honda Center foodservice team trained with Wahoo’s co-founder, Wing Lam, just to be sure they got all the recipes right!

As of July 2013 Honda Center (unusually) took its food and beverage operations in-house. This is a direction that only a very small number of arenas have taken on.

Chef Doyle assisted with the development of the division including menus, procedures and culture. Bringing with him over 15 years of experience, Chef Doyle is responsible for managing all food and beverage offerings at Honda Center. Prior to Honda Center he served as Executive Chef at the legendary Churchill Downs.

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