Show 250, December 2, 2017: Richard Lombardi, The Cancer-Fighting Chef

Richard LombardiChef Richard Lombardi (a.ka. “The Cancer – Fighting Chef”) has a joyful & inspirational story to share with us. He was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009, underwent the difficult regimen of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and now is in remission.

In all his research before (and during) treatment he came to realize that we all can make our cells potentially strong enough to resist the attack of abnormal cancer cells by preparing nutrient-rich recipes using cancer fighting ingredients. The valuable result is Chef Richard’s new cookbook, The Cancer Fighting Cook – Cancer Fighter Packed Recipes for Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery.

Orange County Food Fans will remember Chef Richard’s restaurant, Mama Rose, which had a solid ten-year run in Costa Mesa located across from the entrance to The Fairgrounds (and closed in 2005.)

Chef Richard Lombardi joins us in-studio.



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