Show 371, May 2, 2020: Food Journalist Steve Dolinsky, ABC 7 TV’s (Chicago) “Hungry Hound”

Steve Dolinsky and Andreew GruelAccomplished food journalist Steve Dolinsky, ABC 7 TV’s “Hungry Hound” in Chicago, is the recipient of an impressive 13 James Beard Foundation Awards for journalistic excellence. He’s also accomplished in reporting on food and travel in print, radio and podcasting. The James Beard Foundation Awards Gala was scheduled for Chicago at the Lyric Opera on Monday evening, May 4th. It’s now been rescheduled for an unannounced (as yet) date later in the year.

Usually Steve would be sharing his engaging Beard Awards preview with us. Instead he will talk about his informed thoughts on the dining scene in Chicagoland during the health crisis and what the future may hold.

Steve shares the astonishing news that Chef Abe Conlon’s award-winning Fat Rice restaurant in Chicago is now reinventing itself permanently as Super Fat Rice Mart preparing upscale meal kits for home cooking based on Fat Rice menu items.

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