Show 171, May 14, 2016: Chef Joseph Mahon, The Burger Parlor, Fullerton & Old Towne Orange

Joseph MahonThe Better Burger Battle is heating up again with the arrival of Fullerton’s favorite, The Burger Parlor in Old Towne Orange. You have a serious fine dining chef creating premium burgers and loving it. They even make their own homemade ketchup and ice cream for the milk shakes. Burger-meister and Chef Joseph Mahon is with us with all the juicy details.

“Often times, when customers order a hamburger in a fine-dining establishment, they wind up disappointed. Either the patty blend isn’t right or the burger lacks a sauce or the whole dish is too precious.”

“Not so with Joseph Mahon. When the fine-dining veteran introduced his hamburger at the posh Bastide in West Hollywood, the reception was so overwhelmingly positive, Mahon started penciling out his own burger business.”

The result is The Burger Parlor in Fullerton and now, Old Towne Orange.