Show 562, January 27, 2024: Afghan Kitchen, Surrey, BC with General Manager Zabi Sarwari

Zabi Sarwari of Afghan Kitchen

Afghan Kitchen in South Surrey, British Columbia is the manifestation of a young boy’s dream. He roamed the streets of Kabul in his sandals and saw how hard his family worked to sustain themselves. In the times of war, they moved to different neighboring countries until they finally came to Canada.”

“Afghan Kitchen presents the guest with the vision of the young boy’s very own restaurant since he was six years old. Every corner of Afghan Kitchen is thoughtfully curated. Every dish uses mum’s recipe.” “Mum” Sarwari is also the highly qualified Executive Chef.

“This is a proudly family-owned and-run business that reflects the best of Afghan roots, traditions, and values. Afghan Kitchen is the taste of home.” Upon entering you are transported into a lavishly decorated and spacious residence in Kabul with original art on the walls. There is also a traditional seating area where guest take off their shoes to enter.

Specialties include the Bolani (appetizer, and Mantu which are steamed, minced beef dumplings topped with split peas, tomato sauce and yogurt. Also specialty cocktails like the Gulrang Rose and Afghan Chutney Caesar created with house-prepared ingredients and fresh Afghani spices.

General Manager Zabi Sarwari joins us to embark on the culinary journey that is Afghan Kitchen.