Show 128, June 27, 2015: Author Joan Borsten – Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook

Joan BorstenThe war on drugs in America may not be won on its streets – but in its kitchens. The weapon? A groundbreaking new cookbook that uses food to naturally heal brain chemistry in addicts and alcoholics. It’s the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook and was authored by Joan Borsten.

“Neuroscience has identified a link between the inability to stop using and low levels of dopamine (the feel good brain chemical that addicts crave),” says Dr. Kenneth Blum, well-known addiction scientist and father of the reward gene. “This cookbook reflects an understanding of the power of food and its potential role in enhancing neurotransmitter function.”

Joan Borsten, who co-founded the renowned Malibu Beach Recovery Center (which she has since sold), worked with Dr. Blum and his colleague Dr. Mark Gold to develop a diet rich in dopamine producing foods.

“All drugs of abuse become objects of desire because of their unique ability to make those with low dopamine levels feel good,” notes Dr. Gold, who co-authored a clinical paper with Dr. Blum on the dopamine diet published in the spring 2015 issue of Molecular Neurobiology Journal, a peer reviewed medical journal. Malibu Beach Recovery Diet Cookbook works to fight the impulse of addiction by restoring depleted dopamine levels and healing dopamine receptors. It’s an important statement that diet is a central part of well-being, treatment and recovery.”