Show 190, September 24, 2016: “The Dumpling Trail” with Colin Wong, Director of Communications, Tourism Richmond

Colin WongOur food-loving colleagues in Richmond, British Columbia are at it again. Richmond has some of the best regional Chinese food outside of China and for all of us in SoCal it’s a whole lot closer. It also has a favorable exchange rate so the America Dollars goes further there. Just launched is “Travel the Dumpling Trail.”

“Did you know there are over 20 different types of Asian dumplings? Dumplings come in all shapes and forms, from water-boiled, to deep-fried, steamed and even dessert dumplings. In Richmond, B.C. there is no shortage of dumplings to choose from and Tourism Richmond is inviting visitors to sample some of the delicious options that the city has to offer through a new tour, the Dumpling Trail.”

“With over 800 restaurants in Richmond, dining choices can be overwhelming,” said Tracy Lakeman, CEO of Tourism Richmond. “We’ve carefully selected 15 eateries with some of the best dumplings, from upscale restaurants to hidden gems and food court stalls. These restaurants make up the Dumpling Trail, a walkable, self-guided tour that showcases Richmond as a culinary destination. Each location on the Trail offers unique varieties of dumplings and Tourism Richmond has identified some of the city’s best.”

Here’s a preview of Tourism Richmond’s top picks for dumplings:

  • Su Hang Restaurant: Xiao long bao (soup dumplings) & water-boiled dumplings
  • Shiang Garden: Har Gow (shrimp dumplings)
  • Shibuyatei Sushi & Larmen: Japanese scallop gyoza
  • Golden Sichuan Restaurant: Spicy Chinese dumplings

Colin Wong, Director of Communications for Tourism Richmond, joins us with all the crave-worthy details.