Show 204, December 31, 2016: Layla Ali-Ahmad, Proprietress, Beach City Food Tours, Long Beach

Layla Ali AhmadFood tours are a great way of discovering the cuisine of a city. It’s even better when you can explore on foot. One of the area’s newest food walking tours is Beach City Food Tours offering a well-planned, highly informative and incredibly tasty Downtown Long Beach food and beverage tasting experience.

Beach City Food Tours has launched the first of its kind in Long Beach, a guided walking tour that offers residents and tourists alike the opportunity to taste and sip offerings from some of the city’s most popular eateries and food shops. Attendees experience Long Beach, a growing food lover’s city, through a unique sensory journey while learning about the city’s history, art and culture along the way. The tour is currently available for Downtown Long Beach, but will eventually expand to other parts of the city.

Founded by Long Beach resident Layla Ali-Ahmad, the idea was born from a mutual love of food and travel – and Long Beach, a city she proudly calls home. “Our goal is to introduce the amazing food culture we have in Long Beach to both locals and travelers alike” says Ali-Ahmad. “Long Beach is becoming known for its great food shops and delicious restaurants, but many people are unsure where to venture first, or they simply want to try new things. Our tour is designed to give the food lover a unique and delicious view of the city, and we look forward to adding more of the unique neighborhoods to the tour options soon.”

We’ll meet proprietress Layla Ali-Ahmad.

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