Show 521, April 15, 2023: Evan Marks, Founder, The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano Part One

Evan Marks of the Ecology Center

The Ecology Center’s (San Juan Capistrano) ever popular Community Table Dinner series is back on Friday evenings. “Guests enjoy a multicourse dinner prepared by accomplished guest chefs under the stars surrounded by the 28-acre Regenerative Organic Certified™ farm and education center.”

“This intimate, family-style feast brings a rotating list of renowned guest chefs to the farm to design a thoughtful meal utilizing freshly harvested, regenerative organic ingredients sourced from just 250 feet away on the farm.”

“Ingredients harvested are based upon the farm’s four seasonal rotations (market garden, milpa, fruit forest, cover crops). By bringing these culinary artists back to the source, chefs receive an opportunity to connect with new ingredients, find fresh inspiration in our bioregion’s historic foodways, and discover the rewards of relationship with the land.”

The seasonal “Strawberry U-Pick” is on right now until the 3 acres of strawberries are all harvested.

The Ecology Center’s Founder, Evan Marks, joins us with all the mouthwatering details.

“The Ecology Center is a non-profit 28-acre Regenerative Organic Certified™ farm and education center located in San Juan Capistrano, California that serves as a hub for southern California’s ecological movement. Founded by Evan Marks in 2008, the internationally-renowned organization attracts culinary and creative collaborators from around the world, partnerships with some of the most innovative and sustainable brands, and over 100,000 visitors annually.”

“With a holistic approach that integrates the incubation of the next generation of agricultural, culinary, and educational leaders with the creation of a vibrant community resource and gathering place to inspire all, they are actively building a more abundant future, one that the next generations will be proud to inherit.”

Show 343, October 5, 2019: Centennial Farm at OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa

Michele Richards of the OC FairCentennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center is a three-acre agriculture education center featuring California crops and more than 100 animal educators who help thousands of visitors each year learn about food, nutrition, horticulture and animal husbandry.

They are celebrating the Farm’s 30th Birthday with a BBQ birthday bash the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 5th. The birthday bash is from 2 to 6 p.m. at OC Fair & Event Center’s year-round working farm.

A BBQ featuring chicken and tri-tip with all the fixings, tractor rides, line dancing, family-friendly lawn games, farm tours and entertainment are in store for attendees. There will be a special cake served at 4 p.m.

Tickets for the BBQ lunch are $30 today (plus Ticketmaster fees.) Tickets are on sale (subject to availability) at the door. All the other celebration activities are free.

Learn more about Centennial Farm and OC Fair & Event Center’s agriculture programs and garden classes.

Michele Richards, Vice President of Business Development at the OC Fair & Event Center put the candles on the cake for us.