Show 546, October 7, 2023: Travel Journalist Stacey Wittig, Board Member and Secretary, International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association. “UNSTOPPABLE Stacey” Travel Blog

Stacey Wittig of IFWTWA

Stacey Wittig, aka UNSTOPPABLE Stacey, is a seasoned travel journalist. She refers to herself as “UNSTOPPABLE Stacey” because Stacey don’t let age, gender or family stop her from traveling. Stacey observes, “My hubby prefers not to travel, so I typically go solo.” She resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Stacey was part of IFWTWA’s Conference at Sea aboard Discovery Princess for the Pacific Coast Wine and Food Experience. She shares her observations on Discovery Princess, visiting Victoria and going whale watching in a very tiny boat and also being a participant in 360: An Extraordinary Experience aboard ship.

Read her blog for highlights of Stacey’s post-cruise visit in West Hollywood, CA.

Stacey Wittig is our well-traveled guest