Show 358, February 2, 2020: Melting Pot Food Tours Part Two

Scalia Sisters of Melting Pot Food ToursOne of the best ways to come to know a city is through its food. When we go to a new city we’ve found our best insiders introduction is by partaking of a highly regarded, local food walking tour. One of the premier food walking tour operators locally is the long-established Melting Pot Food Tours. The principals are Lisa and Diane Scalia (sisters.) The Scalias hospitably continue the background tour for us.

One of Melting Pot’s proprietary tours is the La Espanola Meats VIP Tour and Paella Lunch. This tour, dining and shopping experience is produced by Melting Pot Food Tours in cooperation with the Dona Juana family of La Espanola Meats in Harbor City, CA. “Our two-generation family of hosts are the premier purveyors of fine, authentic Spanish charcuterie, cheeses, wines, and a myriad of imported specialties.”

“The experience begins with an exclusive tour of La Espanola’s manufacturing facilities, where premium sausages and cured meats are crafted with recipes procured from Spain’s finest master artisans. Following the tour, a specially-prepared patio lunch of tapas and paella is served with wine, plus homemade churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce.”