Show 219, April 15, 2017: Caleb Granski, Catering & Events Manager, Moxie Café, Santa Maria, CA

Moxie CafeEat well…be well” is the motto of the unusual, 3-meal-a-day Moxie Café located well off the beaten path is a light industrial area of Santa Maria. Creator Jay Hardy, the founder of Hardy Diagnostics, has realized his dream of having healthy food that was also delicious.

“Since you care about your health, at the Moxie Cafe you can depend on us to offer a selection of tasty, fresh, and healthy choices. We pledge to never tempt you with excessive fat or sugar laden meals. In fact, you will not find a fryer or a soda fountain at the Moxie! We believe that healthy food should taste good. Come in and let us prove it to you!”

“Our goal was to create a selection of fresh, wholesome foods you could eat day-after-day, feel satisfied afterward (not bloated and sluggish), and not gain weight. We wanted to source our food locally and go organic whenever possible. We wanted to completely ban trans-fats, fried foods, and MSG from the premises. We wanted to create a place where our guests would not be tempted to eat things that are not good for them and their children.” Jay Hardy, Founder, Moxie Cafe

There is even an unexpected artisan gelato bar. The gelato is supplied by Leo Leo Gelato (Master Gelatiers) in Paso Robles.

Moxie’s Catering & Events Manager, Caleb Granski, joins us to explain all.