Show 526, May 20, 2023: Jonny Pops Frozen Treats with Co-Founder Connor Wray

Connor Wray of Jonny Pops

“From humble beginnings making frozen treats in the basement of their college dorm room at St. Olaf College, cofounders of JonnyPops, Erik Brust and Connor Wray perfected an amazing and wonderful formula.”

“Real fruit. Heavy cream. Cane sugar. Purified water. And a pinch of salt. Just simple, wholesome ingredients with no fillers and absolutely nothing artificial.”

“JonnyPops has worked hard to achieve the right balance of real ingredients, flavor and creaminess. The simpler the ingredients, the more delicious the pop. It’s why they use a few wholesome ingredients – like fresh Midwest dairy – and blend small batches with care.”

“JonnyPops are also completely peanut-, tree nut-, and gluten-free, as well as kosher-certified.” At the recent Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Jonny Pops was awarded the prestigious NEXTY for “Best New Sweet Snack” for their (dairy-free and water based) Organic Rainbow Fruit Stacks bar.

“Their frozen treats are called “JonnyPops” after Erik’s cousin and original co-conspirator, Jonathan. His passing, the result of a tragic drug overdose, filled the family with grief – but also fueled a desire to spark change.”

“In honor of their namesake, each JonnyPops stick is printed with a good deed because they believe sharing kindness, through actions big and small, helps them achieve their sincere mission of making the world a better place, one pop at a time” An example of a stick deed message that was perfect for Mother’s Day: “Remind someone you love them!”

Co-Founder Connor Wray joins us from Elk River, Minnesota with an Organic Rainbow Fruit Stack bar in hand.