Show 344, October 12, 2019: Alessia Travaglini, Travaglini Gattinara, Piemonte, Italy

Alessia Collauto Travaglini of Travaglini Gattinara“Driven by a passion for exceptional Nebbiolo, the Travaglini family has been producing remarkable, limited-production wines in Gattinara for four generations. The Travaglini family has owned land in Gattinara since the beginning of the 19th century. The family’s winemaking tradition started with Clemente Travaglini, who was succeeded by his son Arturo, however, it was not until 1958 when Arturo’s son, Giancarlo, took the helm that the Travaglini Estate Winery was established as it exists today.”

“Today, the Travaglini family owns 146 acres of vineyards, 128 of which are dedicated to vines, primarily Nebbiolo, covering roughly 50% of total vineyards within the Gattinara DOCG. This small appellation lies in the rocky foothills of the Monte Rosa range, where ventilating winds blow down from the nearby Alps. Soils are rocky and rich in porphyry, granite and iron. Similar in composition to the Alps, Monte Rosa’s sedimentary rock is highly acidic, due to low levels of calcium carbonate and magnesium, and an absence of calcium. Vines grown in this rare soil produce grapes with a unique flavor profile, high acidity and firm tannins. The finished wines offer refreshing acidity, soft tannins, minerality and complexity.”

“A member of the fourth generation, Cinzia Travaglini now runs the estate, together with her husband Massimo Collauto, chief winemaker. Their efforts, as the generations before them, have made Travaglini one of Italy’s most recognizable wines and the Number 1 selling Gattinara in the world.”

Fifth generation Travaglini family member Alessia Travaglini (Cinzia’s daughter) graciously pulls the cork for us on the long line from Italy.