Show 241, September 16, 2017: Corkage in Restaurants, Kyle Meyer, Wine Exchange

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeThe Corkage Fee charged in restaurants is always a subject of spirited conversation. What is really reasonable that’s equitable to both the guest and restaurant? There is a real cost to the restaurant (and lost revenue) when a guest brings in their own wine. Hospitality comes into play, too. Should a guest even be allowed to bring in a wine already on the restaurant’s wine list regardless of the corkage fee? What’s proper etiquette?

One of our worldly resident wine experts, Kyle Meyer of Wine Exchange, beings his practical thoughts to the weighty subject.

Show 189, September 17, 2016: Kyle Meyer, Proprietor, Wine Exchange, Great Wines of The Andes

Kyle Meyer of Wine ExchangeWine Exchange in Santa Ana has partnered with wine connoisseur James Suckling to bring the guest Great Wines of the Andes. This wine tasting extravaganza on September 30 showcases 50 of the top wineries from Argentina and Chile at the esteemed Mr. C Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Producers will show their top two wines, all selected and rated by internationally acclaimed wine critic James Suckling with 90 points or more.

Join James Suckling for this walk-around tasting featuring a delicious selection of cheese, charcutiere and empanadas, as well as a cool ambience with music from award-winning recording artist Surhan Sidhu, formerly of Empire of the Sun and an impressive DJ in his own right. He is flying-in from Australia for the event and will deliver “fun Cuban funk and regional rarities,” as he puts it.

Tickets include a free Lalique events glass – a $75 value – plus a complete guidebook to the event and to this year’s top wines from the Andes. James tasted close to 2,000 wines from Chile and Argentina to curate the event and the guide.

Wine Exchange’s Kyle Meyer (Great Wines of the Andes Co-Host) proudly pulls the cork for us on this one.