Show 303, December 22, 2018: 63rd Lawry’s Beef Bowl

Road to the Rose Bowl 50 Years of Lawry's Beef BowlIt’s the 63rd edition of the proud Rose Bowl Game (“The Granddaddy of All Bowl Games”) tradition that is the Lawry’s Beef Bowl staged over two nights (December 27th and 28th) at the original Lawry’s The Prime Rib on Restaurant Row in Beverly Hills. It’s fanfare and grand pageantry at its best.

For the 63rd festivities it’s the traditional matchup of PAC 12 Champ Washington Huskies battling (with knives & forks) the Big 10’s Ohio State Buckeyes. Curiously enough this is the first bowl game matchup between these two teams.

Ohio State has quite a tradition in the long history of The Beef Bowl. The only time legendary Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes allowed his Buckeyes to participate in Lawry’s Beef Bowl was in 1957, a few days prior to the co-national champion Buckeyes’ 10-7 victory over the Oregon Ducks in the 1958 Rose Bowl Game. (Coach Hayes insisted the team be fed on the practice field instead of coming to Lawry’s in Beverly Hills for the full experience.) Woody’s Rose Bowl Game record for the other six Lawry’s Beef Bowls that his teams missed was 2 wins and 4 losses.

Lawry’s Beef Bowl is one of only two pre-Rose Bowl Game team events endorsed by the Tournament of Roses. (The other team event is a visit to Disneyland).

Beef Bowl historian Todd Erickson plates the spectacle up for us with a side of creamed spinach.