Show 245, October 21, 2017: Restaurateur Ryan Pernice, Table & Main and RO Hospitality

Ryan PerniceExecutive Producer Andy Harris was in Roswell, GA (an incorporated City of 95,000 in the greater Atlanta area with a lot of living history from the Civil War) earlier this month with fellow members of the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA.)   as invited guests of Visit Roswell. In this show we start our coverage of the best of Roswell with a chat with restaurateur Ryan Pernice, the founder of Table & Main restaurant, a true locals’ favorite.

A simple, seasonal, and Southern dining experience, Table & Main offers a place for people to come and enjoy themselves at a cozy restored homestead on lively Canton Street in Roswell, Georgia. Diners enjoy quality dishes evocative of the South and home-style cooking like Chef Woody Back’s famous fried chicken that some patrons argue rivals grandma’s recipe. Table & Main proudly promotes itself as the place to get your bourbon on Canton Street with its well-stocked bourbon bar and beautiful patio where partakers can relax, surrender their troubles, and enjoy the hospitality and attention of the restaurant.

“Founded by Ryan Pernice, RO Hospitality opened its first restaurant, Table & Main, in Roswell, GA in 2011 with a clear, confident vision of becoming the neighborhood’s adopted clubhouse. We’re proud of our progress towards achieving that goal, being tremendously fortunate to work with amazing people as we hone our community focus at two additional concepts: Osteria Mattone and Coalition Food and Beverage.”

“Our team relies on five major characteristics to nurture the tradition of excellent hospitality our restaurants represent: Warmth, Optimism, Ownership, Conviction, and Loyalty. With those key traits uplifting our Cuisine, Service & Story, we will create such positive experiences for our guests that they will seek to make us a part of their daily lives.”