Show 242, September 30, 2017: Chef & Food Photographer Jonathan Melendez, The Slider Effect

Jonathan Melendez Jonathan Melendez, a C-CAP graduate, is a food photographer, blogger, cook, baker, recipe developer and the author of The Slider Effect – You Can’t Eat Just One. “Break out of that burger rut, and switch things up with sliders for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

“Way better than a cupcake, sliders are delicious and fun—you can’t eat just one. They are the perfect bite that can be served as an appetizer, tapa, entrée, side, or midnight snackIndulge in the awesome world of sliders and mini sandwiches through 75 omnivorous and vegetarian recipes, complete with homemade breads, buns, and sauces. These are that are more than just your usual mini burgers.”

“The ingredient and flavor combinations that can fit between two buns are limitless. The Slider Effect focuses on these amazing small bites, featuring the best recipes and 60 delicious photographs designed to turn you into a slider pro. The four main chapters focus on meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian sliders, and there is something for everyone.”

“In the Meat chapter you’ll find recipes for Grilled Steak and Potato Sliders as well as Mediterranean Lamb Sliders. The Poultry chapter will introduce you to Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle Sliders, Turkey-Bacon BLT Avocado Sliders, and Chicken Curry Sliders. The Seafood chapter ranges from Fish and Chips Sliders to Shrimp Fajita Sliders. And in the Vegetarian chapter you’ll find tiny buns filled with ingredients like roasted beets, eggplant, polenta, and black beans. If you feel like making your own rolls, there are recipes ranging from biscuits to challah and from waffle to pretzel buns. And what slider would not be complete without a dab of Cilantro, Lime, and Green Chile Aioli or Arugula Pumpkin Seed Pesto on top? There is no end to what you can make work in a slider.”

Chef Jonathan joins us to share all his proven tricks to true slider nirvana.