Show 116, April 4, 2015: Executive Chef Andrew Gruel, Slapfish

Andrew GruelFinally a chance to chat with our patient Guest Host Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish. He really knows seafood.

For months Chef Andrew has been talking about the new Food TV restaurant makeover series he has been shooting without a lot of specifics. Up until now he hasn’t been able to even share the series name or network due to confidentiality agreements. The curtain is now open.

FYI’s new original series, “Say It To My Face!,” gives chefs and restaurant owners a chance to redeem themselves before their toughest online critics. Chef Andrew is the mentor chef / co-host along with Anthony Dispensa (Chef Andrew’s West Coast Director of Operations for Slapfish.) Fifteen hour-long episodes are set to premiere on Saturday, May 9th.

Chef Andrew also shares some useful tips about selecting and preparing lobster. It’s easier to enjoy than its reputation.


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