Show 125, June 6, 2015: Emily Luchetti, Chief Pastry Officer, Big Night Restaurant Group

Emily LuchettiAcclaimed pastry chef Emily Luchetti is Chief Pastry Officer at Big Night Restaurant Group in San Francisco (Cavalier, Marlowe and Park Tavern), the Chairman of the James Beard Foundation, and a James Beard Award recipient. Her new mission is “#dessertworthy”, a social media movement to empower individuals to be mindful of their dessert and sugar indulgences.

“Dessert is being consumed by adults and children at an alarming rate, resulting in troubling health issues, including Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Compelled to take action, award-winning pastry chef Emily Luchetti launched #dessertworthy in July 2014 to raise awareness about sugar-laden processed foods and to encourage saving desserts for a treat, not a daily occurrence.”

Emily especially advises to be aware of hidden sugar in processed foods. Carefully read the labels of yogurt, salad dressings and tomato soup and you’ll be surprised “how sweet it is.”

Fresh fruit, containing natural sugar, is not an issue. Enjoy…

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