Show 154, January 9, 2016: Anita Lau, Diary of a Mad Hungry Woman Blogger

Anita Lau of Mad Hungry WomanAnita Lau is better known to regular listeners of the “SoCal Restaurant Show” as the Mad Hungry Woman blogger. She was living in Hong Kong in the 90s before the turnover to China. Anita is recently back from a 3-week visit. We’ll continue with her insider’s view of the dining scene there during the glory days of the British. It was a very different and colorful time…

British Hong Kong showcased traditional, authentic and refined cuisine. The perfect surviving example is the fine cuisine that is still available at the always elegant Peninsula Hotel. Contemporary fine dining in Hong Kong right now is more ostentatious.

Contemporary fine dining right now in Hong Kong is more ostentatious. Anita points out that a lot of the big deal celebrity chefs with restaurants there are seldom actually in Hong Kong. Oops…

“This blog (diary of a MAD HUNGRY WOMAN) is a journal of mostly my eating adventures, but also, other things I’m passionate about, including travel, the arts, and also, necessities to complete my life. Centered predominantly in and around Orange County, CA, some will extend to Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond. I am constantly searching for delicious food to eat and fun things to do, nothing is out of bounds. Sometimes it doesn’t end well, but I can definitely say, it will always be an interesting journey.” Anita Lau


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