Show 31, June 15, 2013: Adam Fleischman, CEO of Umami Restaurant Group, Los Angeles

Adam Fleischman of Umami Restaurant GroupUmami Burger, under Adam’s stewardship, is still in active growth mode. He has just successfully raised an additional $20 million to expand. Brooklyn is on the immediate horizon.

Adam started Umami Burger because he perceived a gap in the marketplace. The successful better burger concepts out there were backwards/retro looking. What he wanted to do is a forward thinking concept using modernist techniques.

There are some 20 advancements with the basic Umami burger. For instance he utilizes shitake mushrooms, the variety of mushrooms with the most umami. He also uses sun-dried tomatoes because they are always full of flavor!

Umami is basically the taste characterizing all things savory.

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